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  1. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    I agree that CBs are much less prevalent than they used to be, but I've never been warned about Smokey hiding at the bottom of a hill on GMRS. CB still has its uses, but we'll see for how much longer. I have the Midland handheld CB as backup and loaner. It can run remotely on AA batteries or...
  2. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    Oh? What do you mean by lowering the fuse on the switch? You mean actually switching it out to a lower amperage fuse? That's pretty smart. Something to remember if I wire other stuff and don't have an in-line fuse available, but with a giant warning label so I don't forget. But these two...
  3. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    Ha, probably because you know what you're doing, and keep it inside your electronics where it belongs. Thanks for the advice, I'll set it up when this rain stops, and get as close to the Aux wire as I have slack for.
  4. Wrangler JL Wind Noise

    Klee Kai? Didn't know they were mushers too, but it makes sense. You probably have to be more specific regarding the wind noise, or you are going to get a ton of recommendations. I.e. whistling, buffeting, location.
  5. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    I had it on the Always-On line by accident at first. Whoever made those two wires pink/orange-striped and orange/pink-striped needs to have all their shoes switched to left sides only. Sometimes I need to put the jeep in Accessory or Run multiple times, and the tiny *pop* from the CB speaker...
  6. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    Thanks for the quick reply and advice, random person. I already get a wee bit of static from the CB external speaker when transmiting on the GMRS, but just a gentle hiss. Reception on both are pretty good otherwise, I hope grounding them together doesn't change that. One unexpected benefit...
  7. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    Trying to clear out the beginings of a rat's nest: Is there any reason why I couldn't put a T-tap from the GMRS into the CB wiring? I've switched to a stock President McKinley, it is wired to Aux3 and grounded to the chassis in the passenger-side footwell. It has a 6 amp fuse, but is...
  8. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    I've the 2.0 turbo e-torque, so I'll pretend I'm at least half qualified. My manual calls for 91 octane. Not all states get 91 nowadays. Here in New Jersey, we generally get 87, 89, 93, usually with ethanol. I'll generally fill with 93 at Top-tier detergent gas stations, but sometimes a bit...
  9. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Now, I'm confused. All great dogs here, but how many are "big"? How big exactly is a "big dog"? Growing up, I always thought St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Great Danes, and mastiffs were the "big" dogs. Lassie, Rin tin tin, Labradors, and such were regular old dogs, and Border Collies, Pitt...
  10. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Those look pretty good. Wish I had something like that for previous autos.
  11. Rockalide rotopax mount anti-theft.

    If the rotopax are on and I'm in a parking lot, they have a bike lock, but in case anyone is worried about the whole dumb, heavy, ratchet strap assembly: If you have the plastic bumper, (you probably do, if you're using this contraption) and you put the ratchet on in this position, it is...
  12. I only use this once per year

    Couldn't think of a binary loadlifter joke. Something something scissor jack. I wouldn't buy JL parts from a Jawa, but would take a look if they had CJ for sale. Guaranteed to run, at least until the sandcrawler got over the horizon.
  13. No U-joints?

    I've had wheel CV boots go bad a year apart on a different vehicle, but that took about fifteen years of New Jersey winter salt. Not sure about these bootless ones on the drive shaft, but I guess we'll find out.
  14. Hi Lift Jack and mounting options.

    Thanks for helping keep trails clear and maintained. Sounds like fun too. The Dominion Off Road mount seems to be the roll bar mount you are talking about. It has options to carry a shovel and ax as well. As for the 60" across the top there, nope. Just look at the roll bar there and ask...
  15. No U-joints?

    CV (constant velocity) joint. I think JKs had them too. Stronger, and work better at greater angles, so less need to mess with for lifts, but no replacing them in the field. Saharas have them on the axle too, with Selec-trac. Not exactly sure why, nor sure about other sub-models. Might have...
  16. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    Agree that lowered windshield is an oft forgotten option. Just tie the ends to the bumpers. Diagonal 16' shiplap would barely clear the bumpers. Just remember to secure the ends.
  17. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    Now this is good thinking. I like to put a canvas bucket or strap or something around the front of the load to prevent unexpected javelins in a hard breaking situation. Just tie it back to your tie downs.
  18. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    Hey, everyone's gotta cool their jets. There's a lot of good information on this forum, and there's also a lot of preconceived notions just waiting to vent. Sometimes (often) it's hit or miss with responses, but a thick skin is everybody's friend. I'd say, keep playing with the jeep for a...
  19. Ragtop partially removed?

    Sure can. Pretty sure Jeep encourages this.
  20. Talk me down!!

    Then go with what you love. Plenty of even more difficult decisions in this life, why sweat it on the jeep? That said, if you get black seats, I'm going to lord it over you with my cool butt in the summer.