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  1. What were they thinking?

    It's not the same trans, JKs use the NSG370. JLs use the Aisin AL6. Clutch is still bad though.
  2. Any new 2 Door Soft top option?

    You can definitely just flip back the top without taking the windows out and lowering it all the way down with the factory soft top. Is that what you mean by drivers area?
  3. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Base Bronco tires are 255/70R16 Base JL tires are 245/75R17 JL tires are a bit narrower but 1.5 inches taller is significant.
  4. Cargo security that works with soft top?

    It works with the windows in, you can lower the top but like I mentioned it won't click and lock down, this cover is supposed to help but I didn't buy the cover so I can't speak to it.
  5. Cargo security that works with soft top?

    The diabolical slipstream "works" with the soft top. It won't go all the way down and lock, they sell a cover that can help pull it and some people say it ends up being lower than factory with the cover on. I have a slipstream and love it, but I just use safari mode with the front part of the...
  6. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    As a garage-less apartment dweller with a 2 door soft top, the ability to carry and lock 2 maxtrax and a rotopax as well as relocate my license plate would make this an instant buy for me. Great work!
  7. question for the manual guys

    It's really best to think about it as a 4 speed transmission with 2 overdrives. It doesn't really bug me, it's not a sports car (we also have a Miata and its final gear is 1:1) so if I can squeak out a little more MPG I'll take it.
  8. question for the manual guys

    I've got a Sport. I hit 5th going 60+ and 6th going 70+ on flat ground with cruise control.
  9. Let's see those lifted 2 doors...

    How much lift are you running?
  10. Overall Reliability?

    25k no issues to report with my 3.6l 6MT JL. I never had any issues with the clutch though I did have the recall done. I replaced the highway tires with 32" Duratracs and put in a Diabolical Slipstream. Stock otherwise. It sees dirt pretty regularly and is also my DD.