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  1. Did hanging my doors by hinges cause corrosion bubbles

    Spoiler Alert: I have been known to over engineer even the simplest of jobs. I picked mine up in November 2019. I did just sandwich them in. Big thing is just to keep the metal from touching. I used Garlock 3000, and this goo:
  2. Did hanging my doors by hinges cause corrosion bubbles

    Permanent fix is cheap. I cut some 1/32 gaskets, put them between the hinge and door, coated the bolts in nickel/copper never seize and never had an issue. Cost less than $100 and a Saturday. I'd let the dealership fix it, if you work there maybe you can let them pick your body shop. Worst case...
  3. Did hanging my doors by hinges cause corrosion bubbles

    No. You're storage method wouldn't have put any more stress on the hinges than if you would have left the doors on the Jeep. I deal with that Aluminum corrosion all the time, the ship yard I work at repairs those 47 foot USCG rescue boats. The sooner you fix it the cheaper it will be. Just...
  4. Who actually uses A/C?

    I thought it was a weird set up too until my friend with small kids bought 4 door. Him and the wife can have the doors off and the kids are relatively contained. And he still has control of the windows if needed.
  5. Who actually uses A/C?

    Coastal Oregon here, it almost never gets above 80 F. No A/C, no regrets. Also opted for manual windows, locks, transmission, and soft top. It's fun to watch my younger co-worker get in and try to figure out how to open the windows.
  6. Why are MOPAR stuff SO Expensive????

    Because of the way warranties work. Your are basically paying for two parts, the one on your Jeep and it's replacement plus labor. If your part doesn't break they pocket the money and call it profit. They don't do it this way with vehicles because they sell a lot more Jeeps than sets of tube...
  7. 'em

    It's Kodiak. A 13 month old German Shepherd/Timber Wolf mix. Little guy is a hand full but I wouldn't trade him for anything.
  8. question for the manual guys

    Wow... I'm at sea level. JL sport, 33s on stock gears. I use 6th all the time. Shift into 6th right around 60, no problems at all cruising 65 mph at 1700 to 1800 RPM. Sometimes I grab 5th to climb a hill, use 4th if I really gotta pass someone. Just curious, are you guys running 4 doors, hard...
  9. Overall Reliability?

    2020 JL 3.6 and manual transmission, rubi suspension, 33 inch Mickey Thompson tires on the m186 m200 axles. Daily driver with 42 k miles. It's been abused. Water over the hood (hit it with enough speed and it doesn't have time to get into the intake), buried up to the frame on the beach, been...
  10. Top 10 things Jeep should have done WITHOUT.

    It's not bad. 2 nuts that hold the wipers on and 4 bolts across the top. The tools you need are included in the kit. I've dropped mine for sand dunes and beach runs all the time.
  11. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Jeep speed/Score International compliant roll cage Radio/back up camera delete Completion seats V8 with manual transmission Carpet delete UHMW skid plates Soft doors Coil overs and hydraulic bump stops on all 4 corners Fiberglass body panels Muffler delete We may not be the same... Quite...
  12. Lift advice for a newbie Fox Shocks

    How high do you want to lift your Jeep? Anything under 2.5 inches you can pretty much get away with just new springs and shocks. Once you get above that it starts to get a bit more complicated.
  13. Lunch box lockers

    I can find the Spartan for less than $300 and if I do the work myself.... I have a manual transmission with 33 inch tires so the sport gearing works just fine (70 mph @ 1,800 RPM in 6th gear) so I'd really only be into it for $350 after new gear oil. If I keep the FAD (I don't rock crawl or get...