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  1. RPM Steering 2.5 Ton JL/JT 2'' Aluminum Tie Rod & Drag Link Kit

    I’m using the clamp RPM has available. I think it is $90. i locited my bronze race and it hasn’t spun since. I’m 50/50 on keeping it or not. It feels like I need more caster now after install. . I’m going to turn my lower arms out 2 more turns and go from there. Also if I do keep it - I’ll...
  2. RPM Steering 2.5 Ton JL/JT 2'' Aluminum Tie Rod & Drag Link Kit

    I’m running the dynatrac 2” with TF 3/4” load puck. I also have the synergy track bar brace and sector shaft. I’m getting a little bit of tracking and memory steer after the synergy install. I just ordered the RPM steering setup. I’ll post back in a few days after install. but honestly just...
  3. Right pull

    I’ve had alignments and even did my own red neck alignment with the straight edge and tape measure. I’m still getting a pretty good pull to the right. I’m also on 13.50s. Did you ever get yours lined out? I’m installing the Falcon 2.2 stabilizer next week. Doubt if helps - we will see
  4. Ohio Core4x4 Tier 2 Control Arms JL

    Both. - Grease fitting end is poly. Other end without the grease fitting is rubber
  5. Ohio Core4x4 Tier 2 Control Arms JL

    Price reduced $200 shipped
  6. Ohio Teraflex Front control arm relocation brackets

    Teraflex front control arm relocation brackets for JL. (relocates front stock upper and lower control arms for up to a 4.5" lift) Never off-road 5K miles on them Link below: $150 Shipped...
  7. Ohio Core4x4 Tier 2 Control Arms JL

    I have 2 front upper and 2 front lower CORE4x4 adjustable control arms for sale. Never off-road 5k miles on them. Color is hammered grey - Tier 2 (beefier than tier 1) Link below $250 Shipped
  8. Bronze Wheels on JL?

  9. Bronze Wheels on JL?

    here’s what I ordered. It’s antique bronze with matte black
  10. Bronze Wheels on JL?

    I’m with ya man. I’m just kinda over the rubi red and black. I’m actually taking off my hood RUBICON decal at the moment.
  11. Bronze Wheels on JL?

    Ordered matte black rubi decal with gold outline. Painting the tow hooks black and the raised Jeep logo bronze/gold

    is that the part number for the 2-wire halo harness? @EgGreg makes a work around harness.

    I only had them add the LPX code to my VIN. All my non led bulbs worked fine afterwards. As I mentioned in my pm, even later on after switching out all the halogen bulbs to led everything continued to work as expected. No resistors or anything were used.
  14. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    I have same system as you do. works great! My phone is a bit larger so I'm switching the holder out to an X-grip. Do you have a link to the gopro setup? I have 2 extra 1" balls I'm hoping to use.
  15. Rubi steel bumper fog light bezel pins

    Nice thanks. I have the tool, I'll just order larger rivets
  16. Rubi steel bumper fog light bezel pins

    I've searched high and low and I can't find these bezel push pins. Everything I order is too large. Anyone have a part number or link for these? The holes are smaller than any other plastic pin holes on the rest of the bumper
  17. Rattle-Can Rubi Red

    Has anyone found a rattle-can red that matches really close to the exterior highlighted red? Example tow hooks, trail bade etc?
  18. New EVO 3032 JL / JLU Hinge Tire Carrier install Review with Pics

    What hole did you end up using? I did the 2nd from the top. I could have went down 1 more though