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  1. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' (incl. 6x9 Soundbar adapter) at Jeep Beach 2021

    Just ordered the 6 speaker kit without the amp. Came to $389 total with the discount code. I figured if it's not a significant enough improvement over my stock Alpine speakers, I could always add an amp later.
  2. Bass Controller for Alpine PSS-23WRA

    I actually happen to have a spare controller laying around. DM me if you want it.
  3. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    I'm willing to bet they have so many refurbished units sitting around that they're trying to clear their inventory, probably figuring the defect was permanently fixed. Of course time will tell if they truly figured out how to fix the hardware during the refurb process. I bet FCA is hoping if the...
  4. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    Had mine replaced a few months ago. Took several weeks to get a new 8.4 head unit in. Apparently, rather than giving me the latest and greatest model, they're only authorized to replace with a refurbished unit, in my case from my model year 2018 as well.
  5. Doorless Mirrors?

    Do you happen to have a link to the exact model?
  6. 8.4" Uconnect issues 2 years later...

    Make sure you also check the Aux/ESS battery
  7. 8.4" Uconnect issues 2 years later...

    Could be the radio keeps trying to update itself overnight and fails, draining the battery. Happened to me several months ago. Dealer had to replace the radio.
  8. Tailgate Table - compare

    I went with Front Runner. Painted the cutting board to match my JLR and added a molle panel to the bottom of it
  9. Secret Button Code?!?!

    An even easier way to enter Dealer Mode is to simultaneously hold down the first and last app icon on the bottom of the touch screen. Works on my 8.4 and I'd assume it also works on the lower end systems.
  10. Best looking and coverage door sills?

    I've got a pair of these:
  11. Uconnect 8.4 and android auto

    Media flap with USB-C male to male cable
  12. Uconnect 8.4 and android auto

    FWIW, I have no issues running Android 11 on my Note 10+
  13. Back up camera guidelines

    On my 2nd 8.4 radio with the same intermittent issue. One thing I noticed is that it seems to happen more frequently if I shit into R way too quickly after starting the Jeep. Maybe something isn't finished loading in the software when the camera kicks in.
  14. Android Auto DAC Sound Quality and 8.4

    I use the Musicolet app on my Note 10+, which has a proper EQ and other options to enhance the sound. RocketPlayer is another great app that gives you more control over the sound. Regardless, there's only so much you can do to make any of the factory Jeep systems sound good, even the Alpine one.
  15. Uconnect keeps crashing and rebooting

    Might be time to get the radio replaced. Recently, had the same thing start happening on my 8.4. It was also draining the battery if I let the Jeep sit a day or two without driving it. The theory was that there was a UConnect update pushed out that got borked and kept trying to reapply itself...
  16. Windshield sun shade

    Here's mine:
  17. 2 Door Drivers only: Any disadvantages to having the Alpine Sound System

    From an audiophile perspective, the Alpine system is rather lacking given the cost. For about the same money or maybe slightly more, depending on preference, you can get a way better aftermarket system. Plenty of threads on alternatives in this forum. Of course if you'd rather keep things stock...
  18. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    I'd be more curious of how they sound with the stock Alpine system that had the dash speakers upgraded, since that's what I have.
  19. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    It would be funny if these were just the same factory Alpine speakers for those who didn't originally go with that option. If that's the case or they're not significantly better, there are way better aftermarket options for less money.
  20. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    Kinda curious how these sound compared to the stock Alpine system; is it any better or pretty much the same?