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  1. Synergy Springs

    Post a few side pics please.
  2. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Blows my mind that @Bestop hasn't released this yet. Can only assume it’s either not a profitable item or an important item to them.
  3. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Textured black, got the Versatable in the same also.
  4. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Might not be the easiest, but my pressure washer made short order of the mud covering them last weekend. With them being black I just sprayed a light mist of Chemical Guys barebones and wiped. Luckily I don’t get more than 10-15 mud days in San Diego a year.
  5. Backup Lights

    I would go with Driver side, and simple butt connectors will work for me. Send me a PM with your asking price!
  6. Backup Lights

    If you make some extras I would love to buy 1...
  7. California Synergy Disconnects

    Not budging on current shipped price.
  8. California Synergy Disconnects

    $125 I assumed $15 for shipping.
  9. California San Diego - 37 Ridge Grapplers and Icon Rebounds

    They are still on the Jeep. New wheels get here this week and they will be off.
  10. California Rock Krawler Gen 2 disconnects

    Brand new never used/installed. $140 picked up in Sand Diego or shipped.
  11. California Synergy Disconnects

    Synergy front swaybar disconnects and Sway bar relocation brackets. On Jeep for 8000 miles, switched to a non disconnect. Disconnect bracket painted flat black to blend in with frame. Pickup in San Diego or $140 shipped...
  12. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    In case anyone else is looking the 28mm works as well.
  13. California Rubicon front driveshaft - San Diego

    Was installed for around 12k, swapped out when lifted. Been sitting in the garage in the Adam’s box for a year now. $75 picked up in San Diego or will ship on your dime.
  14. Easiest Jeep Badge of Honor trail in California?

    Pontiac is really awesome as a moderate trail. Tip Top makes me queasy, its a horrible trail to be on if there is any traffic with the drop off to nowhere lol. I like to run up from Pioneer Town and hit the Sluice on my way up to Big Bear.
  15. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    1 1/8” is 28mm think I’ll order than and try. Sunex 97328 1/2" Drive 28 mm Fully Polished Jumbo Straight Crowfoot Wrench
  16. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    Thanks, I was trying to no buy a set that I likely wouldn’t use. But may have to I fully agree, all the times I’ve used them before didn’t like the feedback from my torque wrench but those were 1/4 and 3/8 drives.
  17. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    What did you guys get to torque down the jam nuts? It is a 1 1/8” and I can’t find a crows foot anywhere in that size.
  18. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    @Redline Tuning just installed, is it normal for the struts to not start lifting until the hood is open 2-3’? I had your product on a Tacoma and they lifted as soon as you popped the hood.