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  1. Aux wiring & after-market harnesses

    The driving light pattern is very similar to the OEM LED high beams. They're great lights but I might suggest getting a different pattern if you have the factory LEDs.
  2. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    Wow! Didn't realize they offered Selec-Trac with the Rubicon now. Do you have the power lockers too?
  3. Question about sky one-touch top vs 3-piece hard top

    I second what Trainsafe says. A long, hard search in these forums will come up with a couple threads of people who have done it themselves. I remember one person even installing the SOT aftermarket. But like mentioned above, the alignment is critical and difficult to get just right. And, it's...
  4. Wrangler unlimited trailer towing

    Here's a huge thread on this topic: Towing a Camper with JL. Lots of great info in there.
  5. Issues with local service if you buy out of state?

    Purchased my JL out of state and not had any issues with the local shop. They've been good to deal with the few times I've been in there.
  6. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    On this forum, it might be better to ask who DOESN'T take their JL off-road. I bought my fully loaded $60k Moab with every intention of using it off-road every opportunity I got. I don't do hard-core crawling but I get out there and explore. That's why I wanted a Jeep. Otherwise, I would've...
  7. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Moab - too much $$?

    I agree with what a few of the others are saying. Your Jeep #1 is the price I paid for my 2019 Moab which was factory ordered and fully optioned (sky-touch roof and all). I think your best bet would be to find a brand new model that is exactly what you want and start talking to one of the...
  8. MOAB tire upgrade?

    +1...would really like to see a pic
  9. Aux wiring & after-market harnesses

    Thanks for that information. I think I got it once I find the time.
  10. Aux wiring & after-market harnesses

    Getting ready to wire-up the same set of lights. How did you end up doing this?
  11. Let's talk coffee, what is your set up?

    I prefer espresso's, especially when I'm out on the trails. I don't like having to bring the group to a halt for pee breaks. Anyway, my wife got me this little manual maker. Just add hot water and an Nespresso capsule. I dilute it if I want a normal cup of coffee.
  12. Anyone with ACC (adaptive cruise control) mount a dashcam?

    Wanted mine as neat as possible so my Rove hugging the ACC box on the driver's side. Routed the cable through the ACC box and down the passenger-side trim and connected to Aux 4.
  13. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    Last year, when I decided was going to buy my first Wrangler, I couldn't figure out the purpose of the Moab. It seemed like just an appearance package. I started a thread on here to help figure out the differences and also started doing my own research on why they made the Moab. Long story...
  14. Whose watching Dakar Rally

    Yes! Awesome to see two American winners. Really exciting
  15. Which winch for JL Wrangler

    Strange. I bought and installed mine in August 2019 and it fit perfectly.
  16. Which winch for JL Wrangler

    I think the most likely thing to deteriorate from the elements is the synthetic rope (if you go synthetic). That's what I worry about most on my Zeon 10s. Especially since I can't find a cover that fits. I would totally recommend the Maximus-3 for the 10s. If you get the newer revision (which...
  17. Bare minimum tools for the trail?

    True, but one of the primary purposes of the forum is to share experience so others don't necessarily need to learn the hard way.
  18. How does custom ordering work when you have a trade in?

    Depends on the dealer but you don't have to setup financing when you place the order. That is done when you pick up your new Wrangler. As for the trade-in, that can really vary depending on the dealer. They might not want to give you a price on your trade-in without inspecting it on-site or they...
  19. Whose watching Dakar Rally

    How many are watching the Dakar Rally and now want to ship their JLs to Saudi Arabia and run some of those routes? I figured if those guys can rip through the desert at over 100 mph, I could manage a much more careful pace and make it through. Some very interesting sites and terrain.
  20. Highest mileage JL so far?

    Cool! What's your problem history been like?