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  1. Current music in your Jeep?

    Almost anything except angry rap and Alabama.
  2. So this broke, window defroster hook up?

    The cause? The poor connection, with low effective contact area, makes enough heat to soften the solder. Solutions: 1. Still in warranty? It’s a dealer issue. 2. out of warranty pop the tab out of the connector and reattach with frost fighter silver epoxy. It’s a slow set epoxy that requires...
  3. New Cooper Rugged Trek

    looks like a good combination design. My only vinegar is that it is going to be a rock thrower.
  4. And then the lights went out

    Your response got me thinking. I was about 25 feet from a MRI unit when it happened. I am not sure if it was in use at the time, but those are notorious for creating RF noise and fields.
  5. And then the lights went out

    When the lights went off the FOB was in the front cup/ fob holder. I took it inside when I got home.
  6. And then the lights went out

    Yesterday evening I pulled into a parking lot, put it in park and pulled the break up, left the engine running and got out. When I got back in and closed the door all the dash lights/ screens went black. The speedometer and tachometer were the only things that remained lit. Radio screen...
  7. That guy

    Something like this
  8. That guy

    I could not tell what it was. I thought it was an archer???
  9. That guy

    Cmon CT, you have dealt with enough Cajun engineering to know better.
  10. That guy

  11. Who actually uses A/C?

    Gulf coast from April to November
  12. Solid Solutions to Rear Window Defrost Cable?

    The problem is the poor connection. Bad connection gets hot (very) and melts solder or epoxy. Cut 3-5 x 1 cm disks of uncoated aluminum foil, stack them and re-attach the connector with them in the pinch to tighten up the connection.
  13. Dealer “forgot” to change the oil...

    Old timers test: put a drop of the old oil in the palm of your hand and smooth it out. New oil will leave a shiny patch with virtually no highlights of the skin lines. Old oil will deposit the suspended carbon and you can clearly see the lines.
  14. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    Turn off the UCunnect stealth setting.
  15. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Something that I still find ironic is that the extended warranty sales rep used the replacement of the screen as the cost justification example. Are they using a known product family defect to make policy up sales? This screen issue is not limited to the Jeep logo. This isn’t the same thing as...
  16. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    My last fix is still holding. I am convinced that the real problem is the loose and insufficient contact of the tab connection. Look inside the rubber boot at how little metal contact area is there & then consider the gauge wire going to the crappy connector. I put 4 dime size pieces of aluminum...
  17. Battery Conditioner

    That is the reason for the warning in my initial statement. The lower charging voltage should be fine...just don’t use the “reconditioning mode” if it is an option.
  18. Battery Conditioner

    Different units.
  19. Battery Conditioner

    many of these units also have a recondition setting that will cause a battery to heat up significantly (sometimes). I have not used it on the Jeep because of the sensitivity of the electrical system, but do use the regular maintenance mode monthly. I currently use a CTEK 4.3 but have had a NOCO...
  20. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    I thought I had lost that thing...