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  1. Jeep Dog pics

    Daisy taking a ride to the lake. She can just barely see over the dash but her smile sums up the Jeep experience/feeling in my opinion.
  2. Window Tint Photo Compilation Master Thread

    20% on the front to match the rear.
  3. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    No luck picking it up yet? Another problem found or just timing?
  4. Whats your gas mileage?

    Over the first 1000 miles - a mix of slow break in, normal roads and some highway. Break in avg 19 thru wind, hills and winding backroads fluctuating rpms. Highway avg 24 but was doing 75 at times. Right at 20.5 in the daily commute w plenty of stop and go traffic. 6spd 3.6 Jlur
  5. Sting Grey opinions?

    Another vote for SG but my opinion is biased....
  6. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    Picked it up today from Mark. In mid NY on the way back to IL. Even met @DrDee while picking up.
  7. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    See you there perhaps!:like:
  8. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Doing the exact same w family stop on the way back in western Ny And I beat you by about 2 miles ; ) leave Friday tickets still available. We'll convey it back.
  9. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Arrived on the 22nd waited for the affiliate discount clearance...picking it up on Sat.then heading back to IL.
  10. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    @ulbsti25 I am working with peter.
  11. Dual top - space question Found a thread that lists the box size and some various options. Thanks for all the info guys!
  12. Dual top - space question

    6'1" - considering a uhaul trailer or something.
  13. Dual top - space question

    Were you able to fold up the 2nd row?
  14. Dual top - space question

    Thanks all. Picking up my JLUR on Sat in CT and roadtripping back to IL....this shall be interesting. Anyone have the specs of the main outside box?
  15. Dual top - space question

    About to pick up this weekend. How much space is in the back w the large box...any? Any pics?
  16. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    @rfm8os & @keithd60 Here's mine w OWL and non painted fenders. We have great taste....
  17. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Exactly how i'm mulling it over. If I didn't have to fly there I'd probably already be in CT. Anyone want to go fund me? If we get enough donations to cover my entire Jeep cost [it's the only way this will work honestly] it'll force FCAs hand thru poor publicity. I'm willing to take one for...
  18. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Shipped on 8/16 after a few days in JB for those wondering the transit time you might experience. Ordered on 7/25. Pics arrived just now from Mark. Now the wait for tread lightly issue.