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  1. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    Recieved my fix kit this afternoon. Had it assembled and installed in about 25 minutes. They've taken the CCV and vacuum hose connections and instead of having them go straight in like the old tube they now use a single hole in the tube that comes out to a 90 degree elbow, has a double tube...
  2. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    P1CEA is the error that the "fix" was supposed to eliminate Wes...
  3. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    I received an email on Monday of this week that they though that they would start sending out replacement kits to current owners this week. I haven't received anything else to indicate that I had a shipment coming...
  4. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    I haven't up to this point since it's just an annoyance with the CEL, but the last response I received indicating that they might be able to get me a fix by the "end of the year" is making me consider it...
  5. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    I just called and was basically told that this new tube they are sending out is a test to see if it resolves the issue. They thought that the new tube would correct the issue, but their initial test person with the new style tube had just informed them that he had started receiving the error...
  6. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    I've also started receiving the P1CEA code after I installed the intake. Last time I was stopped at a light, start/stop kicked in and when I took off the error code popped. I cleared that and then a few days later when filling the tank I started her up and received the error again. I've been...
  7. Mishimoto Giveaway: 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    Interesting, count me in.
  8. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    I was averaging around 24 before I upgraded the tires and put on the lift. Now I'm averaging around 21.
  9. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Figured I'd better jump into the pool. So many great looking Jeeps in this thread! Sport S, AEV Bora JLs on 35 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, LOD Destroyer mid front and full rear with tire carrier, 2.5" Metal Cloak Lift
  10. aFe Power cold air intake for 2.0T

    So I was informed this week by an AFE employee that the intakes are on "back order" and are expected to be in stock on 7/26/2019. They did offer to refund my money due to the delay.
  11. Official Dominion OffRoad Product Update Thread

    It does, thank you!
  12. Official Dominion OffRoad Product Update Thread

    Anyone with the jack mount and a soft top had issues with the top hitting the jack when taking it down?