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  1. Regret 37s?

    Currently running 35's Ridge Grapplers on a 18 Rubicon JLU with 4.10s. and 2" mopar life. Thinking of going to 37 KO2 D2's. Do 2-3 off road trips per year. The question is what are the other upgrades that need to happen to support the 37's. 1) New wheels -looking at getting the mopar gear...
  2. Mopar 2” lift, upgrade to...?

    The Reason I bring this up is after a couple years I driving as is I finally am getting around to finishing it off. I was just about to order steer smarts front and rear adjustable track bars. And that got me thinking of whether I should piece meal improvements to what I have vs upgrade to a set...
  3. Mopar 2” lift, upgrade to...?

    I have 2018 jlu rubicon with the 2” mopar lift. got it early at cost with cheap dealer install since it was their first unit and they wanted to try one. But I have wondered if it is worth upgrading To one of the better lifts out their. Mostly street driven but we go off road a few times a year...
  4. Best Braking system for towing the JL

    I am torn between the Blue OX Patriot 3 and the RVi3 has anyone else compared the two?
  5. Dual Top Design FLAW

    I have the same problem, hard to believe this was not seen in testing.
  6. The dreaded JB freeze

    Wow it flew through JB and into kz today
  7. The dreaded JB freeze

    It does have dual top. Basically all options except; paint HT, painted Fenders, or remote proximity. firecracker
  8. The dreaded JB freeze

    Are there any updates what are holding up the JB's? After a couple weeks at D1 it moved through build in 2 days to JB today. Wondering if i am in for a long wait like many of you or have they resolved these problems?
  9. Who else is in the "I'm waiting until the 2nd model year to buy but it's really hard to wait" club?

    Clue: See "Discuss Issues, Repairs, Warranty, TSB, Recalls" Firmware bugs, electrical issues, assembly issues all typical of a product line startup. This is nothing completely unexpected for any vehicle, or complex product for that matter. I suspect as the assembly line gets more experience on...
  10. Who else is in the "I'm waiting until the 2nd model year to buy but it's really hard to wait" club?

    I was hoping with all the testing done on this model it would fair better on launch, but looks to be having the typical startup pains. My 2007 jku was a pile, my 2012 and 2015 had no issues at all.
  11. Who else is in the "I'm waiting until the 2nd model year to buy but it's really hard to wait" club?

    My rule has always been wait until year 2 , but I was about to violate that rule and go for a JL, but seeing all the initial issues is bringing me back to waiting.
  12. Rear seat air vents

    Correct whatever temp comes out rear vent when air selector is set in vent level
  13. Rear seat air vents

    The local dealer had a Sahara in and I checked it out. Rear vents only work on vent setting and temp is controlled by passenger side
  14. How hard to add Aux switches later?

    SPOD apparently has a switch set almost ready for the jl but they didn’t have any pictures yet.
  15. Rear seat air vents

    Does anyone know if the rear seat vents are connected to floor or vent settings for airflow? Is temp controlled by drive or passenger in dual zone?
  16. JKU rear seat egress

    Does anyone know if entering or exiting rear seat is ant better on th jl over the jk? I always getting complaints from people getting dirty from the rear fender when getting out.