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  1. 2019 Auto 4x4

    She likes the G63 lol
  2. 2019 Auto 4x4

    She just prefers not caring about it at all, basically before storms or when roads are bad Ill make sure its in 4x4 for her, I explain literally just shift it up, she forgets, it binds she freaks out and calls me lol She hates the durago look :P shes eastern European...…..the Jeep was a "Fun"...
  3. 2019 Auto 4x4

    The Trim levels, well I’ve always been offered good money on all my rubi trades, on two Sarahs trades I felt screwed over and notice lots of Sarahs’s new and used always available and rubis less so, hence the trim level point....considering I’ve never had a car loan for any new Jeep I’ve owned...
  4. 2019 Auto 4x4

    Yeah, figures but I only buy the top trim level for vehicles (its my stupid punk ass thing), and she hates the look of the grands :P
  5. 2019 Auto 4x4

    She had a ford escape before and she had no issues (it was full time awd though). Hate to trade in the jeep but that might be the only option at this point. 8 occasions to parking lots to teach her, nailed it, but by the following day shes treating it like opening a child proof pill bottle...
  6. 2019 Auto 4x4

    Canadian weather. I've only gotten about 20 calls because all it did was spin in 2HI...… to simply put in 4HI and nothing, once was a near empty parking lot, just a lot of ice......its being more of a job at this point, i honestly thought she was doing it just to get another car but i...
  7. 2019 Auto 4x4

    She will have been driving a year next month lol
  8. 2019 Auto 4x4

    LOL nice I have my new 2019 Ram Limited that I'm loving, I just want her to be happy, its paid in full and I'd hate to trade it in but she just seems to be having so many issues, then not remembering to take it out etc. I know first world problems but if you saw her break down and cry your...
  9. 2019 Auto 4x4

    Already have the 2018 Rubi, but as I said better half doesn't even seem able to flip the 4x4...….i try its buttery easy, watching her do it I have no idea whats going on but she literally looks like shes constipated, showed her like 200 times, even put her hand on......its a weird situation but...
  10. 2019 Auto 4x4

    I already know all this lol trying to figure out the happy medium
  11. 2019 Auto 4x4

    I have zero issues with it, its the "other" that wont stop complaining about it......she gets worked up about the binding on dry pavement, I said down shift and she just lost her s**t lol I mean literally freaks the f, where talking dry pave, turning max and going.....she says she absolutely...
  12. 2019 Auto 4x4

    The only complaint I've had about So its not the AWD on the Saraha.....fudge
  13. 2019 Auto 4x4

    the new rubicon has part time 4x4? I’m reading and it sounds like it does
  14. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    I've also never had an accident, I did have an old women in a VM bug run into me once (She said she was trying to get her pug to pay attention, I was in an F150 and she only hit my trailer hitch, zero damage, and on the vw her hood was f'd, a second where a young woman ran into the back of me...
  15. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    Yup and the saying is "You cant fix stupid" but you can design things to help lessen or assist in preventing it ie ACC is one of those ;) As I said before, Harley rider and theres days some idiot makes me not want to ride, one day this lady was applying makeup, ok I get it women do that, she...
  16. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    Oh shit absolutely, my new ram I did 6.5 hour drive (each way). I used ACC the entire way and I can tell you in busy areas with well known "distracted drivers" it helped a lot. My thinking is that it sees and assists me, its making guessing, that car to my right side is getting close and...
  17. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    Welcome to the future :) Modern day folks that use their Jeeps as DDs, I mean if I look back 5-10 years ago MAYBE I saw 4-5 jeeps per day, now theres about 15% of the vehicles on the road that are Wranglers, the one complaint most people had was that they were not Highway Road friendly, which is...
  18. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    LOL Honestly my 2019 Jeep JL has been solid...…….new ram only 3k on it but zero issues
  19. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    Id like to get his opinion, maybe the quality interior or ride or something. Just noticed that theres a lot of Import fans that are buying the new stuff like the JLs and 2019 rams.....says something for the new stuff doesn't it?
  20. Drove a Ram 1500 Limited - wow

    There will be plenty for sure, I have a magnaflow exhaust for my current JL, winch and new rims and tires but will probably save it for my 2019 now ;)