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  1. North Carolina Roll Call

    MOAB scared of the sand? ;):CWL: (sorry couldn't resist)
  2. North Carolina Roll Call

    Took a nice day trip to Fort Fisher and got out on the beach for the first time this year. The skinny section was packed! Didn't make it down to the peninsula, I'm assuming there's more room down there (wife started to get antsy and wanted to stop). Hopefully we'll make at least another trip or...
  3. Considering selling my addiction...driving more for new job

    Low milage jeeps (and honestly jeeps in general) retain their value very well (sold a '11 jk with a busted transmission, for way more than expected due to the low milage [I work from home]). At this point you've already eaten most of the new-car depreciation, so you could think of it as an...
  4. North Carolina Roll Call

    Anyone know if Fort Fisher has reopened after the storm? Thinking about a trip down this Sunday.
  5. North Carolina Roll Call

    For the Triangle folks that aren't trying to go to Uwharri... Jeep day at some brewery in Smithfield.
  6. North Carolina Roll Call

  7. North Carolina Roll Call

    I'm in TN anyway for Easter.
  8. North Carolina Roll Call

    Wow I didn't know the Moab's could handle sand like that, good thing you had a spotter. :giggle: Next time you guys go, hit me up I've been dying to get down there to FF.
  9. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    I had these for something else so I repurposed. I stick them on the lid...
  10. Firecracker red with red top

    Love the look, any issues with the light being tinted with all that red?
  11. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    I ended up grinding 1/8" off mine b/c they were preventing the tailgate bar from locking in place completely. I'll probably email Alan at the end of the month to see if they're in production with the shorter ones and see if he'll replace or sell me just the tie downs. Might also just cut them...
  12. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    @swimman I had talked to Alan about this same issue a month or so ago when I got mine installed. He said they were working on making the tie down rails shorter but that they weren't going to cover that for existing customers. I wonder if he meant existing as in people who buy it at the new...
  13. Does a JKU sunshade fit the JLU?

    Probably not, though it may depend on what type you have if you can make it work. The main issue is that the JK has footman loops on the windshield frame (for either hard top or soft to connect to) that the sunshades generally attach to. The JL does not have footman loops at all. The soft top...
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    The first scratch is always the hardest. They get easier from there. My first jeep was an `11 JKUR and they gave me a take home 24 hour test drive. Immediately took it out and popped the freedom panels off and put them in the back. Scratched the crap out of one of them, guess I had to buy it...
  15. North Carolina Roll Call

    What caused it to roll? Glad no one was hurt that's a bummer about the shed but that means it gets to be rebuilt bigger right?
  16. anyone have any experience with these backup lights? Interesting idea, I get that it kills a bit of the exit ground...
  17. Diabolical Slipstream install - recent experiences?

    @swimman I had this exact problem. I locked my soft top, removed it completely then installed the wing skins etc. Put the soft top back on and it won't unlock. The issue is that the wing skins prevent the top from going down far enough to engage the locking assembly. What I had to do was...
  18. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    No, you won't be able to lock the soft top down. With the slipstream in place the top doesn't go down far enough (by probably 2" or more) to engage the lock mechanism. Be aware if you take your soft top off (full removal) with the locks engaged it also won't go down far enough to unlock the...
  19. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    I'll see if I can get a picture but forecast is calling for rain so the windows likely won't come off for a while. The tie-downs are likely part of it but based on what it looked like when I took the wing skins off to put the top back on, the back corners of the top sit down below the top of...