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  1. stiffest springs (diesel specific, please dont move)

    I think the bump recommendations are based on keeping the tires out of the fenders and not bottoming out the shocks. These will be limiting factors well before full spring compression. I also thought Clayton's springs were stiffer for the diesel.
  2. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    Do you have a contact at banks? I have called multiple times and multiple people told me not available yet.
  3. Flat Towing with 4xe... Going to be an issue for most/many

    realm fs450, 2019 and newer new aire Many shorter super c's if not set on a pusher.
  4. 4xe electric mode performance?

    I took a 30 mile test drive today in a 4xe Sahara. I don't try to out run everyone stop light to stop light, but I don't drive slow either. I was surprised how often the gas engine kicked in even in electric only. On the interstate the transmission seemed to down shift to keep it in electric...
  5. Full throttle shift points?

    It's out of fuel and air at that rpm. Diesels make all of there power down low in the rpm range. They shift early to keep the rpms where the power is. Gas engines power is usually at the top of the rpm band, and they generally don't make as much torque so they make up for that with more gear and...
  6. Illinois Steel Bumper, RockRails, Lod Licenseplate Mount, Mirrors

    Most hardware stores should have them. They are just metric bolts. I don't know the size but could figure it out. A jeep dealer could get them also, but they are probably more expensive going that route.
  7. Illinois Steel Bumper, RockRails, Lod Licenseplate Mount, Mirrors

    Every thing is still available. I have interest in the bumper but no commitment at this time.
  8. Illinois Jeep Parts

    Still have the rockrails and mirrors
  9. Illinois Jeep Parts

    I would do 200
  10. End of first day with the Wrangler 4XE thoughts / feedback

    The 4xe is deff not electric with a gas generator. Yes the gas motor has a generator that charges the battery in hybrid mode. You will not get 470 lbs tq unless the gas motor at the proper rpm to produce its full output and the electric motor is at full output. That bsg will also be scavenging...
  11. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Maybe, we will get answers now that it's finally arriving. The specs for hp and to are the combine electric and gas. You won't get the full hp and torque unless both are operating at max output at the same time. This could also be limited by programming. For instance the electric motor has to...
  12. Are you stimulated?

    This money is far from "free" It will have ramifications for years to come.
  13. Are you stimulated?

    Don't worry. You will get the bill for everyone else's stimulus.:punch:
  14. Illinois Jeep Parts

    Looking around on this site I found people using plastic plugs from ace or menards. They posted pics if you want to check them out.
  15. Illinois Jeep Parts

    Yes I had sensors. I have no idea on plugs. I do have the senser mounts.
  16. Illinois Jeep Parts

    Here's some pics. It has 1 scratch on the bottom where the hitch is. Easy touch up and wouldn't be visible.
  17. Illinois Jeep Parts

    It was on for right around 5000 miles. I don't have any pics, but I can get some this week. I just put it up in the attic. No scratches that I noticed, but I honestly didnt pay that much attention. I will post pics as soon as I have a chance to get them
  18. Illinois Jeep Parts

  19. At the end of my rope of steering issues.***FIXED!****

    I was also going to mention I have yet to find a tire shop near me that has anything good to say about BFG tires for on highway use. I've only tried them twice and the things were junk in my opinion. Didn't last long and took a shitpot full of weight to balance. I run Michelin Defender ltx's on...
  20. At the end of my rope of steering issues.***FIXED!****

    I'm not saying lugnuts had nothing to do with, but I almost garentee it was the trackbar bolts. I have fought this on 3 ram trucks and replacing the bolts fix all of them. I also had death wobble on my jk. It was also warn out joints, but that is what happens when you run 37s on stick parts.