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  1. Off-Road Advice West of Denver?

    Dad jokes galore in the Dam brewery! Drove my daughter crazy with them when we visited earlier this summer.
  2. Estes Park Co. area. Favorite Trails??

    Look for an app called “All Trails”, works really well. Gives distance, elevation, difficulty rating, reviews, etc.
  3. Extended Warranty and Gap Insurace

    Good thread on extended warranty, I got a lifetime warranty when I bought mine and the going rate was $2400 with a $100 deductible at the time. There is a dealership in Michigan offering them after purchase online if your interested. I think it was Hayes if you look in the history...
  4. Need help from CO members

    Thanks MrMischeief, this gives me a great start to look at. Looking for something that is a 1/2 day or less and doesn’t have to be trails, just something other than back through Denver and another hour of interstate. I am really wanting to just get off major highways and see some of the countryside.
  5. Need help from CO members

    I am looking for some easy fire roads/trails that head toward the Breckinridge area from Boulder. Maybe some nice scenery and places to stop and snap pics. Anything but another hour in I-70
  6. Clunking noise in drivetrain. Is this normal?

    Any updates from those having thus? I have the same thing from the front drivers side when decelerating.
  7. Lift/tire size debate?

    Your can put 33's on a Sport with out a lift. I put Rubicon take offs on my 2 door Sport S. The Rubicon tires are nearly 33 in Second the above, most 17” wheels will work from -12 to +12 offset with no mods needed. Check out the wheels/tires forum there is a long thread covering this with lots...
  8. Possibly a no-duh question about lift differences between JL models

    They would be same height less difference in tire size from the rubi. The rubi comes with different springs that add more height stock, but you are swapping those springs with the lift springs that would be all the same regardless of sport/Sahara/rubi.
  9. Does the JL soft top only come with hard top wiring?

    No hardtop wiring included on soft top only.
  10. Premium Soft Top Lock Down?

    This thread talks about this issue and offers some easy fixes it’s Velcro straps.
  11. Premium Soft Top Lock Down?

    Disagree, with the top all the way down it floats up and blocks the back visibility in the rear view. I got some Velcro straps and wrap around the top when folded and it helps a lot and limits the uplift st speed.
  12. KC area Meet and Greet

    I’d probably be in too, PM with final details. I am still debating a lift myself, but want to see what Teraflex finally offers before I pull the trigger.
  13. Hard Top Removal System

    I’ll help anytime for $1k. The house next to me just went up for sale,
  14. KC area Meet and Greet

    I’ll help watch and cheer on! I will turn a wrench and happy to learn but I would bring no knowledge to the party.
  15. KC area Meet and Greet

    Somewhere around I35 and Metcalf? That would be fairly central. But I would drive most places, it just gives me a reason to put the top down and go.
  16. How comfortable are the seats in JLU Sport?

    I have only one problem with the seats, in that they seem to slope downhill so it feels like I slide forward. Have driven four plus hours in them on one trip with no problem except for having to slide back so I feel like I am sitting up.
  17. Ordered new JULR!-now why the worries?

    It is a first model year, and forums are for a lot of people that have problems that are lookin for help which makes it look like everyone has problems. The last three months have been record sales months for Wranglers, and most of those are having zero issues. Everyone will have their own...
  18. KC area Meet and Greet

    I am in for a meet and greet sometime.
  19. Post your positive uplifting new ownership experiences

    1250 miles and enjoy all. The only problem is that people in other Jeeps keep waving at me.
  20. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    Me too, I had a 2-door and with the dog and daughter we could never take it anywhere because of room for three. Th3 JLU wo4ks much better fo4 us!