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  1. Whistle coming from hardtop

    I did some testing today. I took the tops off individually and the whistling is still there. So, it’s not coming from the hardtop.
  2. Whistle coming from hardtop

    I am almost positive it is from the hardtop. I can hear it near the top of the windshield.
  3. Whistle coming from hardtop

    I have tried to reach-seat them and did not make any difference.
  4. Whistle coming from hardtop

    I am sure I am not the only one experiencing a whistle from the hardtop. My question is... has anytime come up with s solution to eliminate the whistling?
  5. Tall people, big guys, you might want to reconsider the JL...

    I am 6’-5” and have no problems at all. I have plenty of room and can see everything.
  6. Need Opinion. I ordered and negotiated on a price of a fully loaded JLUR and it was missing an item

    Sorry to disagree... but it is just as much of your responsibility to check the order as it is theirs. When I ordered mine I had to sign that I approved the order as stated. Mistakes are made. If something was left off you should pay for it unless you received in writing it was to be included.
  7. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Does anyone have any recommendations for white wheels?
  8. White wheel recommendations

    I am looking for some recommendations for white wheels, larger tires and lift height for my white rubicon. This is obviously advertising for my business and I want it to be eye catching, but also fun to drive. If you have pictures it would be very much appreciated.
  9. What does everybody do for a living?

    Branson, MO... working on one in Owasso, OK and then 8 more in MO.
  10. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    Any chance they will be manufactured in white?
  11. Body bolt compromised issue?

    I took mine to the body shop at the Dealer... it was a cheaper labor rate at the body shop. 15 min later the steps were installed. They charged me 1 hr of labor. Well worth it.
  12. Working Brake Controller cable found

    This was not easy to locate or hook up. The wire is so short you can’t pull it down far enough to see it. I did pull off the center panel which helped. I had to just reach around up there and located it taped to another wire.
  13. Watches

    This looks pretty cool!
  14. Uconnect update problems

    I tried that. The same thing comes up on the screen after restart.
  15. Uconnect update problems

    The screen won’t let me do anything but schedule the update. Any way around the update?
  16. Free ESS disable via hood pin

    I agree with you accept for in the Summer. It is way to hot to have the AC compressor shut down while waiting at a stop light.
  17. Free ESS disable via hood pin

    After further testing today... after about 5 min of driving, a warning came up that start/stop is disabled and the same yellow warning on the screen as before. Nice try but, this is not the answer to no start/stop without warning light.