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  1. What are the tailgate vents really for?

    Jeeps don't need vents!! I get enough water and dust coming through my door seals!
  2. Water coming in the driver door during car wash

    Feel your carpets they might be wet.
  3. Driving through 2 feet of snow

    I never had an issue with the jeep driving through a foot of snow, but this time I was lazy and didn't want to move the car in front of me in my driveway and thought I could just drive around it
  4. Just experienced death wobble on my stock JLU at 15k miles

    I had the exact same issue. It's not death wobble. You would almost have to come to a complete stop if you had death wobble. I had the updated mopar track bar and rusty track bar brace installed along with balancing the tires at a reputable shop (very important). Haven't had an issue in...
  5. Driving through 2 feet of snow

    It had just snowed and the terrain was level. Went in about 10' and thats has far as she went. I have the Michelin LTV tires, I know highway tires, but I thought it would fair much better than that. 15 minutes prior to me getting stuck I purchased a collapsible shovel at a gas station and my...
  6. Driving through 2 feet of snow

    1)Can a stock wrangler drive through 2 feet of snow? Or 2)will it plow snow in front of you until you get stuck? reason I'm asking is because scenario 2 happened to me
  7. Pulsar v3 installed

    I have a manual. Does this eliminate rev hang??
  8. had a boo boo today =(

    There was one of the forum guys that had the plastic black part repaired by a body shop. It looked almost brand new and was worse than yours. it was rescent so you may find with a little search
  9. Steering locked up

    Mine has been fixed with the tsb. Have to make sure you get a good dealership that knows how to apply the update.
  10. steering damper replacement

    Mine was corrected by balancing the tires and installing an upgraded steering damper with a Falcon unit and have been trouble free for two years. no lift stock height
  11. Livernois Mycalibrator Tune Claims 50HP Gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler

    If I were to buy your tune is there a way that I can send you the data so you can make adjustments to get rid of the rev hang?
  12. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    It's called a yo-yo scam. It happened to me and is illegal. Exact same scenario as the OP
  13. Driving on the beach - lower tire air pressure?

    I was at Smith Point in October and you most definitely need to air down. i couldn't go 20 ft before getting stuck. Some other jeeper out there gave me a tool that you screw onto your schrader valve and it automatically drops it to the pressure that it's set for, 18 lbs. Afterwards there are...
  14. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    How about something simple like better door seals so I don't have to dump out gallons of water everytime it rains!! Crazy but true!!
  15. Review - Livernois Mycalibrator Tune for Jeep JL 3.6L V6

    I'm still waiting for the rev hang fix so I can order this tune
  16. 3.6L JLR MT with MBRP Pro Series cat back sound

    I installed this in my jeep and am very happy with the sound and no drone
  17. Corsa Exhaust Rust Issue!

    This is typical of most SS exhausts. Especially in Canada and the North East US. Prior to installing my SS exhaust I sprayed it with High temperature clear and so far there is no visible rust.
  18. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    Any death wobble ? 3" of water behind the passenger mat?? LOL
  19. Arizona New Unopened Set of 5 TMPS

    Are these factory TMPS?