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  1. Current music in your Jeep?

    Brothers Osborn - I'm not for Everyone
  2. Who actually uses A/C?

    Texas yes December January February basically think of Christmas or winter wonder land and the AC is on. But doors off the devil can ride shotgun its a rule no AC
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Did a little creek crossing. I was a little fast during the exit did not want to get high centered.
  4. 2021 JLU Waterproof cover

    wow thanks looks good and Made in USA
  5. 2021 JLU Waterproof cover

    Not bad at all just some light mist if it is really blowing hard.
  6. 2021 JLU Waterproof cover

    I got just the cab cover similar to this one You can use it with soft top up and just carry windows with you. Works great to keep pop up showers from blowing in with doors off. I do wish someone would make...
  7. Auto Park disable - I can't put my top back on!

    Unplug the door wiring harness jeep will think doors are off.
  8. Reverse with open door.

    Take the door off works... sorry could not help it :devil:
  9. Trying to figure out what this is?

    3rd brake light flasher usually dealer installed "safety" equipment upgrade dealer probably charged 200 bucks for a 15 dollar part. Beat me too it lol @bullfrog3459
  10. How different are the 2020 JL doors from 07-18 doors? Will these tube doors fit?

    Yes front doors on 2 and 4 door JL are the same
  11. Can you drive with the soft top windows out?

    Absolutely one of my favorite ways to ride doors off windows out safari mode. Keeps the sun off my Irish heritage basically allergic to sun hiny.
  12. Upgrading Alpine "Premium" Sound 2018+ Wrangler JL

    The sub is pretty easy actually. If memory serves it's only one screw in the front and the rest is held in by clips. If doing it make sure ambient temp is not too cold plastic breaks easy when cold. There are many more screws holding sub in the enclosure. I took mine out and stuffed the box...
  13. What do you recommend as users of Jeep for safest step in or step out for Rubicon 4DR

    I love the way these look and function my wife loves the easy step.
  14. When do you REFUEL?

    Every other day pretty much every outing is a 1/4 to half tank trip. The joys of living far away from everything would not trade it for city life, and yes a subdivision is city life lol.
  15. First Wrangler Wash - PITA

    Removed carpet after 2nd week and headed to beach.. pull plugs and hose it down no pressure kept it off seats as much as possible but good as new!! The mud day well there are still hints of it around but only notice it if you paid for it 😉
  16. My wife is complaining of lower back pain in the passenger seat - any ideas?

    Purple seat cushion We got one for my wife in New Mexico on the way to Colorado from East Texas. She loves it...
  17. Auto park dissengaged

    Do your interior lights come on when you open the driver door?
  18. First Wrangler Wash - PITA

    Like what @JEEF the soft brush helps get in the tight spots but only after I blast all the big stuff off the paint. Topcoat F11 is another polish/sealer that makes cleanup much easier. Now if all the pollen would go away so I could clean the layer of yellow out of the inside. Weather has been...
  19. Rear End Damage - repairable or total?

    Came here to say just this but not your insurance company theirs. We ended up getting a lawyer and said get all you want but leave the driver of vehicle out of it (young girl just made a mistake). Turned out pretty good deal.