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  1. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thanks all. Update- today I started her up and at ~55 MPH with top down/doors off, radio set to 22 was louder than 38 the other day. I would say 38 was too damned loud, but that would mean I'm too damned old! So now I have a new issue the dealer won't be able to duplicate along with audio...
  2. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    What level is the max volume on your stereo? Mine says 38. I swear it used to be more (52?) but not now. And the volume for music (XM and Android Auto) is barely enough driving with top down/doors off but the Favorites aural alert chime is super loud (over 9000!) I think it's artificially...
  3. Doorless Mirrors?

    I had a cheap pair of mirrors from Amazon since last April. Last month I picked up the Lange Coyote mirrors as well. I am very happy with them. Small and convex, but very solid fitting and no vibrations. And very convenient compared to the ones that mount on the hinges.
  4. What happened to half doors?

    But no built-in provisions to attach an upper if they ever come out with one.:brokenhearted:
  5. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    I found the thread about 10 pm Friday. Same thing- I'll try to make the next one.
  6. Soft Top rattles

    I had both issues as well. For the pillar to body rattle, I bought this from Amazon and cut out a couple of gaskets. The grommets would have been a good choice if I had found them. LASCO 02-1048E Rubber Sheet, 6-Inches X 6-Inches and 1/16-Inch Thick...
  7. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    "Sorry I couldn't save you a spot," she said. "No problem," I said.
  8. Problem with Mopar Soft Top (little flap won't stay shut). Anyone else?

    I had problems with my driver's side rear window when I first got my mine in Feb 2018. The dealer worked on it for two days before ordering replacement corners for bother rear windows. (They hadn't had any training or even seen a JL before that.) Although it took a few weeks since there were no...
  9. JL owners with dogs

    I need a liner for the rear seats down. (I'm even thinking about taking them out because room for the dogs > people. ;)) Does anyone have any experience with any of these liners and running with the top down and/or doors off? Does the liner stay in place or does it billow and flap all over so...
  10. Tops off... Dogs in

    Hi @Raingler Nets On your website you have 5 types of nets from netting to screen to mil spec netting and combos of those. Do you have more info or pics to help see the options better? And if I need to take my dogs in and out of the tailgate, what's involved in loosening the back strap or two...
  11. After getting your JL, what option do you regret not getting?

    5-speed manual. I still wonder if I should have gotten a 2-door.
  12. HOW CAN I GET A 2019 Rubicon?!!

    First, I hope your wife doesn't find out about the GF or your take-home pay might be cut in half! ;) How did I afford mine? I drove a Toyota Corolla (@35 MPG) for 6 years so I could pay cash for the Jeep.
  13. My Rubicon @ 70 MPH RPM's Pic!

    We know it's a 3.6L since it was originally posted Jan 29 2018.
  14. Backup camera parking assist troubleshoot

    Yup. I joined this club yesterday and the day before for the first time. Checked settings. Nothing set incorrectly. I'm hoping today my luck (and the lines) will come back.
  15. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    The lawyer at our Dallas office just got her first Jeep- Punkin' Metallic. This was the first day I was in town since she bought it. I wanted to properly introduce her to the concept of buddy parking.
  16. 'em

    Our three- Heidi, Wally, and Buddy. And I've posted this before, but my custom decal from @pixeldecals.
  17. Pixel 3XL and Uconnect Issues

    I first tried connecting my new Pixel 3 using the USB-C in the media plug. It told me to complete the Android Auto setup on my phone but it wouldn't work. I got a new cable from Amazon and connected to the USB plug in the console and it works great. AA is so much more responsive with a new...