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  1. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Mine was a little passenger side high like that too when I first installed it so undid everything shook it around and jacked it up and down and then on the ground I torqued everything bolt to spec and it was a lot more level than it was before. I really like the lift so far now that it’s...
  2. Runklda's Ocean Blue Sport Build

    Skids ended up getting powder coated since I found someone to do them cheap locally. Got a mopar fuel door today and installed it in 2 mins and also got some Teraflex .5 inch spacers for the front from a buddy since I lost a little after doing the skids and bumper/winch
  3. Car mirror hit my front fender and left some paint.

    A detailer would be able to polish that off in seconds with a machine polisher, at least you were able to get it off with a compound.

    Xpel will definetly help to keep your jeep looking good. Its fairly thick so light pin stripes usually wont make any marks on it. I have my Jeep ceramic coated and it did fairly well with keeping the pin striping to a minimum on my last wheeling trip, my side windows did not fair as well though.
  5. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    I was making fun of a Jeep on huge wheels and skinny tires the other day and it had a hi lift mounted on the hood. I was like yeah that’s never going off-road to use that. My girlfriend was like ....”that’s a mall walker right?” Lmao I laughed
  6. Runklda's Ocean Blue Sport Build

    Rustys Off-road lower control arm skids showed up!! They are thicc! Now to find time to paint and install them
  7. Runklda's Ocean Blue Sport Build

    Took her wheeling this past Saturday at Rausch Creek, she performed quite nicely!!
  8. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Put her through the paces this Saturday at Rausch Creek and she performed nicely!!!
  9. Runklda's Ocean Blue Sport Build

    M.O.R.E. Skid plates showed up today so I dove right in! I did notice with the winch, bumper and skids I have lost about 1/2 or so more of height in the front so I may add a spacer eventually to get some of the lost height back.
  10. Anyone using Rough Country Diff Skid Plate?

    I stood on the 2 tabs with a long adjustable wrench so it took some force. Below is the before picture now it’s back 3/4 of an inch
  11. Mopar Performance Rock Rails

    Mine came with them, they are ok for what they are. I do plan on getting better sliders later that are frame mounted and provide a larger step.
  12. Anyone using Rough Country Diff Skid Plate?

    Just installed my rear one and had to bend the tabs a little as it would rest on the seal for the driveshaft as it came. Heavy and solid, welds and cut marks are not pretty but it will do what it’s supposed to.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Bumper and Winch finalized over the weekend.
  14. Runklda's Ocean Blue Sport Build

    Winch is on and wired up!
  15. Foam Cannon Soap Suggestions

    This! its the same thing as CG pink and its made by the company that bottles everything for CG
  16. Clayton 2.5 Ride Lift

    If you know how to turn a wrench and have a handful of tools and some floor jacks the install isnt bad. My girl and I did mine in a long afternoon so it really isnt hard to do and if your jeep is new the bolts should come apart quite easily.
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a rough country rear diff skid and bilstein steering stabilizer.
  18. Anyone have Rocktrix RT108 wheels?

    I have the 109’s and am happy with them. Had them a few months on 35’s now.
  19. Clayton 2.5 Ride Lift

    I have the overland lift and was strongly considering this lift before making the jump. I’m super happy with the components and with Fox shocks it rides nicely. You can add the other arms later but it will run you more than buying it all at once. You won’t regret either way you decide to do it!
  20. Runklda's Ocean Blue Sport Build

    This is my first Jeep but not my first adventure/offroad vehicle. 2018 JLU Sport S bought Oct 2020 with 24k miles Mods: Mopar Door SIls Stubby Antenna Quadratec Rear Cargo Mat Yokohama Geolander G003 MT 35x12.5x17's RockTrix RT109 17x9 Wheels -12 Offset 4.5 BS Clayton Overland Plus 2.5 Lift Kit...