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  1. Florida Roll Call!

  2. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    Yes, I gained back about 1.5 to 2mpg. It's by far the best upgrade I've done. My Sahara axles have held up just fine. Honestly, I'm not really interested in putting lockers on this Jeep. I've wheeled it pretty hard, earned 17 BOH badges, including lots of Colorado and Moab trails without...
  3. Florida Roll Call!

    Sounds like much fun was had. I SO agree about the BLD being very good in these new Jeeps. Having done 17 BOH trails (so far) with my Sahara, many of which were on trails out west in which lockers are recommended, I can attest to the operation of the BLD system. Heck, I've even had occasion...
  4. Where do i mount resistors?

    Gregj...I have not tried that. I figured that if I have trouble with the way I have them configured now, I would try other options.
  5. Where do i mount resistors?

    Yep...I installed these lights a couple of weeks ago. They're working great, but I'll confess that after I first installed them, I wasn't happy with the way I did the resistors, so I pulled the fenders off for a second time, and re-installed the resistors a little differently than I had the...
  6. Florida Roll Call!

    Very cool, @MORTON! I have the Mavic Air 2 as well. Great bird, for sure!
  7. Florida Rough Country 2.5" 2018 Jeep JL Suspension Lift Kit

    Can you confirm the precise height of the spacers? Are the front spacers 3" and the rear 2.5", or are the fronts 2.5" and the rear 2.0"? ..or are all four spacers 2.5"? I can't seem to find that information online anywhere. Thanks
  8. First Impressions 3.45 to 4.56 Gears

    You're welcome, Jay. We already have plans for CO and UT again this summer. I 'might' (though I don't really need to) swap out my spacer lift for a new 2.5" coil spring lift. We'll see. I like how the Jeep rides now (I failed to mention above that I also have Rubicon springs and shocks to...
  9. First Impressions 3.45 to 4.56 Gears

    Jay, When you said, "..hybrid," you kinda nailed it. My reasons to regear were several. There's that old saying, "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." But, in my opinion, the opposite sometimes holds true as well. In other words, "You don't know how bad you had it until you get...
  10. First Impressions 3.45 to 4.56 Gears

    I have no idea how it may or may not effect the warranty. Sorry..
  11. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    We're definitely camping while in CO, but for the reasons you cite, I booked a small cabin with AC for the Moab part of the trip..
  12. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    I don't really mind the heat during the day either. I would head out that way in the fall if not for the fact that we're doing Colorado too, and the window of time for avoiding snow in the mountains is relatively narrow...
  13. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    Right ..we did Moab last year around the same time. ..and, like you say, it was very hot.
  14. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    Thanks for the information, Ted. That 'Oasis' looks cool. We intend to camp out on the trail too. I hope the trail is restored by the time we get out there. I've seen on some videos that part of that ledge trail gets washed out occasionally. I wonder if that's what happened last year?
  15. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    Thanks. Do you know why it was closed 20ish miles out?
  16. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    Hey Folks, A friend of mine and myself (and perhaps another Jeep or two if we can recruit them) plan to include the BOH trail 'Hole in the Rock' when we do UT/CO this summer. I've been watching all the You Tube videos I can find, and reading all the information that I can dig up, but I thought...
  17. First Impressions 3.45 to 4.56 Gears

    A friend of mine did the gears on my jeep (@chevymitchell ). Its kinda hard to answer the queston about 'need' when it comes to gears/tires combinations. IMO, it depends on how you use your Jeep, and what you're willing to tolerate. As I've said, my Jeep did pretty well with the 35s and the...
  18. North Carolina Roll Call

    ..worth every penny..:)
  19. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    No negatives whatsoever. Improved mpg by 1.2 to 2.0. I did Moab shortly following the installation, and absolutely loved the added torque for those steep inclines. A friend of mine did the installation, so I didn't pay 'shop' prices, but I'd say $1600-$1800 should get the job done