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  1. Illinois 7 inch UConnect head unit, bezel, sat antenna and cord

    It will likely need a code to unlock it once it’s installed in a different vehicle. If you can get a code, I’m very interested.
  2. Georgia Please Delete

    No end caps?
  3. Adding Sun Sensor and In-Cabin Sensor for Auto A/C

    I’m trying to wire up my sun sensor. The plastic plug is available but the pins are on back order. Does anyone have any pins they would be willing to sell?
  4. Oregon Looking to trade my Insane Audio JL3001

    How about a price to just sell it outright?
  5. Uconnect 5 - can I upgrade?

    So as I understand, Uconnect 5 is installed in all 21 model 8.4 units. If I buy an older (Uconnect 4 or older) unit, can it be upgraded to version 5? Also, I am assuming the version 5 will still be plug-n-play in my 2019 Sport.......
  6. Help!! Identify this ....

    Makes sense but I didn’t see it light up while I was working on it
  7. Help!! Identify this ....

    I found this under the dash, on the drivers side while hooking up Jscan. It faces down.
  8. Automatic headlights

    I installed the switch. The lights turn off and on with the ingnition switch. I have the sun sensor but have not wired it yet. I am told once the sun sensor is installed they will turn off and on with the ambient light.
  9. Bestop bikini top downsides?

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a Bestop bikini. Any downside to this top? Any forum discounts @Bestop ??
  10. Rear seat belt noise when top down

    I removed the rear seat because wife and I won’t ever use it and then I zip tied the seat belts to the roll bar. No more noise.
  11. Automatic headlights

    I ordered the switch. When it arrives I will let you know
  12. Florida 8.4 uConnect factory radio w/code

    What is the price if I pick it up? I will be in Orlando the next 3 days
  13. Utah Plug and Play CB Radio Kit

    What would you guess the cost to ship the antenna? If it’s 18” I would think a poster tube would be pretty cheap.
  14. Florida 8.4 uConnect factory radio w/code

    I already have Sirius on my 5” so all of that stuff is there. Does your unit have the built in WiFi hotspot? I know it requires a cellular contract to activate.