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  1. Florida JLU Billet Silver Hardtop PRICE UPDATE

    If only you were closer to NY I would snatch this
  2. New York AFE cat back exhaust $500 obo

    I can’t find any sound clips of this, would you be able to upload a sound clip please
  3. New Jersey 2018 JL Unlimited Saraha For Sale 3,700 miles

    If they aren’t giving you any extra $ for the color matched hardtop I’d give money plus trade my black one for it
  4. New Jersey 2018 JL Unlimited Saraha For Sale 3,700 miles

    The things I would do to trade my black hardtop for your color matched lol
  5. AEV Lift on a Rubicon vs Sahara, sport etc

    I think it has to do with the rubicon having high line fender flares the sport and Sahara have same height flairs
  6. Idaho Not mine 8.4 uconnect for sale

    Good looking out, I occasionally post things I find on Facebook but I don’t know who they are
  7. Idaho Not mine 8.4 uconnect for sale

    Saw this on Facebook if anyone wants to message the guy it’s not mine and idk him
  8. Illinois S&B Intake for 3.6 Wrangler

    Id be interested if you would ship
  9. New York SOLD: Mopar - Steel Front Bumper with Bull bar. $300.

    Literally the 1 day I’m not stalking the forum this goes up in NY lol, grats to whoever got this deal
  10. What actually _is_ normal steering?

    I have a non lifted Sahara and from day 1 I was struggling to keep it in the lane, I was constantly trying to correct it to go straight, I’ve had alignments done and it was the same, I finally bought adjustable lower control arms and put my caster around 6.2 ish and added an adjustable trackbar...
  11. Delaware FREE, set of 5, Sport Black Steel Wheels...

    I’ll take the valve stems if you don’t mind taking them out I’ll send $10 to cover shipping
  12. New York WTB fuel full blown wheels

    Appreciate it, looking for either for the full blowns or rockstar 3s thanks though
  13. New York WTB/WTT: black hardtop for BILLET SILVER

    Hi all looking to buy a BILLET SILVER hardtop or trade my black hardtop PLUS money on my end
  14. Maryland Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JLUR LED Fog Lights - $80 shipped

    probably going to need a tazer and this looks like it’s from the steel front bumper, the bracket on this is different than that what would fit on your plastic if you have that
  15. New York FYI someone selling LED headlights and led tails

    Not mine, saw on Facebook marketplace they are in NY and selling oem led headlights and oem led tails here’s who to contact