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  1. What to do with my batteries?

    Throw it into the ocean. Its a safe and legal thrill
  2. JL resale values are insane!

    take the money and RUN!
  3. What is the Neoprene pad for?

    Its for the cargo tray under the rear cover
  4. Hemi swap or Supercharger kit?

    Supercharger now...hemi later
  5. Your next Jeep.

    Thought about getting the 4xe but they dont offer it in punk'n orange. PHEV vehicles really seem like a best of both worlds for now.
  6. Incremental Upgrades to Accommodate 37s

    The 2.5 inch rough country spacer lift would let you mount 37s and wheel it for now. At $200 its very affordable and the install is straight forward. Later on you can get a "complete" lift kit that has springs and control arms and track bars to correct the suspension geometry. Rustys 3.75" lift...
  7. 2021 JLU Sport Altitude 3.45 gears with 37's?

    It will be fine. It will feel slower. All show no go.
  8. Dealer keeps trying to add proximity keys and floor mats to my order

    Get the proximity keys, wish I did on mine. The floormatts are great to have
  9. Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

    Harbor freight works great.
  10. Changing gears to improve gear ratio for bigger tires

    I think he got it figured out. This was from 2018
  11. Looking to buy a lift kit for sport jl.

    You can get 3.5 inch kits from rancho or rough country for about $700. You will also probably need a longer front drive shaft if youre doing anything off road. Seeing your location though I figure the lift is for looks only.
  12. MPG vs MPGE

    So what is the real world number?
  13. What is this button in my Wrangler?

    Probably turns off your parking sensor the beeps when you get close to stuff
  14. Tire ?

    35s, just don't get flexy off road and dont turn your steering wheel all the way
  15. JL 4 low

    The gear reduction done in the transfer case in low range would make 1st gear too low for most situations.
  16. JL 4 low

  17. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    Judging by the username I don't think he minds.
  18. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I think the purpose of the mirror flip is to have better forward viability
  19. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    My 3.6 rubicon starts with a poke of the button. No need to hold.
  20. Aftermarket hitch recommendations?

    Curt makes one that has a little longer tube on it but other than that they are pretty much all the same. I have one thats similar to the rugged ridge and its fine.