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  1. Relocation Bracket Suggrstions?

    Any recommendations on a spare relocation bracket for an unlimited. I’m not going bigger than 285/75/17’s (about 33.5). I’m trying to find quality of course but don’t want to raise it up like 3 inches and out 2 or more inches if I don’t have to... considering I really only need 1/2 inch.
  2. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Did you have to relocate the spare?
  3. Pics of Sport S with 285/70/17 tires on stock wheels?

    How are you liking those Ridge Grapplers?
  4. Question: 285/17/17.......

    Actual sizes very by manufacturer.
  5. 285/75/17 on stock carrier?

    I should have mentioned it’s a Sahara. I’m hearing different things. I have 265/70/18 on there now and there and just by looking at what’s left for room.. looks like it’ll be very close.
  6. 285/75/17 on stock carrier?

    I’ll find out soon enough but does anyone know if 285/75/17’s on stock wheels will fit the stock spare carrier? Manufacture states 33.8 diameter but odds are they will be slightly smaller.
  7. Am I the only silly person running winter tires on a Rubicon?

    Who told you KO2’s are only 10 percent less effective?
  8. Sahara Tire upgrade - will 295/70R18s rub using stock wheels?

    You can go 285 for sure. 285’s are just able to tuck into the rear fender. I don’t know for sure but I don’t think the 295’s would make it. I don’t think there is an extra 5 millimeters of space there.
  9. Am I the only silly person running winter tires on a Rubicon?

    Great choice on the Hakka’s. Not a rubi but I’m running 32 inch DMV2’s. Been running dedicated winters in all of our vehicles for 28 years. Would run without them.
  10. Snow tyres

    Thanks for sharing your detailed perspective on your recent experience. I obviously agree. I was planning on trying the Hakka’s this year for the first time but we got surprised by an early winter and they were going to take a few weeks to come in so I went with the DMV2’s in 265/70/18. They...
  11. Snow tyres

    Nice! Lol
  12. Snow tyres

    Nah.. It just makes your thoughts and opinions nothing less that completely irrelevant. Topic comprehension is a real struggle with you. Which explains why you keep jumping around all over the place with examples that have nothing to do with OP question. Your lack of experience in a variety of...
  13. Snow tyres

    The people asking for the best snow tires are not currently running 35’s or 37’s. Your information and advice is for another crowd. Try and pay attention.
  14. Snow tyres

    Nitto muds..? Shit.. I could plow a yard with a 350 dualy wearing cheap all seasons tires without issue. That’s a no brainer. information. Best and safest performing tires in extreme winter conditions for acceleration, stopping, lateral control and step out recovery and emergency manoeuvres...
  15. Snow tyres

    That’s hilarious
  16. Snow tyres

    Where do you live that snow plows don’t use snow tires You know.. one has the potential to learn much more when they can realize what they don’t know. Again.. some Amazing their is an adult out there that thinks an A/T tire would perform better on winter roads than a high performing...
  17. Snow tyres

    Don’t waste your breath on him. He has no idea what he is talking about and obviously has little to no experience driving in real world winter roads. He doesn’t understand that tires need to hold snow.. not eject it in order to perform (Rubber on snow has a fraction of the grip that snow on snow...
  18. Biggest tire on stock wheels?

    On road or off?
  19. Falken WILDPEAK MT to replace BFG KO2 on 2019 Rubicons

    Nice. How are these on the roads?