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  1. want to change stock tires for the JL Sahara

    Discount Tire Direct's Price
  2. want to change stock tires for the JL Sahara

    When their lips are moving... :) One factor may be whether you intend to disconnect the front sway bar for increased articulation.
  3. want to change stock tires for the JL Sahara

    Skinnier wheels (to a point) are considered better for the tire bead not unseating. It normally jumps off to the inside (in a turn) rather than to the outside. Skinnier wheels do tend to pull the outside of the tread up a tad, putting more wear on the center.
  4. want to change stock tires for the JL Sahara

    Keep in mind these LT285/65R18 K02s are only 285 mm (11.2") or the specified 11.5" when installed on 8.5" wide wheels. They're probably closer to 265 mm/10.5" section width on factory 7.5" rims. @Revmarc could measure them for us. They're also only 1/2" larger in diameter and only add 1/4" to...
  5. Factory 2" Lift and 35" Tires

    I understand. It's hard to resist this: :) I think you may find with the additional height, you want the additional track of the AEV or MOPAR 8-1/2" wheels... or not. I was under the impression the additional Rubicon height comes from higher spring rates... springs that will be replaced...
  6. Factory 2" Lift and 35" Tires

    IMO, there are three 4-door configurations that proportionally look "stock." Non-Rubicons with no lift and stock tires (duh!) Non-Rubicons with MOPAR 2" lift and 35" tires. This should be nice for those buying a Safari to get SelecTrac. A Rubicon with no lift and 35" tires. The Rubi just...
  7. Sport S Lift Options - Leveling or 2.5”

    Love those Duratracs... got 'em on the F250. Nice looking Jeep, sir.
  8. Rubicon 2 Door vs 4 Door

    Open the Build Tool in two different tabs in your browser. In one, build a two-door. In the other, build an identical four-door. Then switch back and forth between tabs in the front and rear views. The four-door really looks like a stretch limo when you do that. Those of us who can use a...
  9. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    It has a button to Lock it in 4WD and another to Lock it in the Granny Low first gear for a 20:1 crawl ratio. 31º/26º/34º 8.7" You could even sleep in it. Good 2017 end of year pricing The only problem is the odd size tire Jeep put on it and the Compass. and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is...
  10. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    Make: Subaru Jeep Jeep Honda Model: Forester JL JLU CR-V Trim: Premium Sport S Sport S EX AWD Interior Cloth Cloth Cloth Cloth MSRP Delivered: $26,610...
  11. Hardtop headliner

    If I had a tan interior, I'd want a tan headliner. If black, I'd want a light gray headliner. I'd rather have nothing than the factory black.
  12. Rubicon 2 Door vs 4 Door

    That's because 2-doors can go where they'll get dirty without getting high centered. ;). JL breakover 25.0º Subaru Forester 21.0º JLU breakover 20.3º
  13. Makes NO Sense to Buy Anything other than a Rubicon

    If you order the Cold Weather Group on the Sport S, the required Convenience Group only gains a Universal Garage Door Opener for $195, since the Remote Start is part of the Cold Weather Group.
  14. Mojito gets rid of red Rubi dash!

    What if I don't want tan leather OR CLOTH seats in a Punk'n Rubicon? The color of the dash shouldn't drive the choice of seat color... it should be the other way around!
  15. Confused on Sport vs Sport S Pricing

    The only way to make the price differences fair would be to add A/C to the JL Base Sport or remove it from the JLU Base Sport. But as in other areas, Jeep is trying to put the 2-Door at a disadvantage, making it less attractive and driving down sales, and justifying it's eventual discontinuation.
  16. Rubicon 2 Door vs 4 Door

    Two Door - rear seat banished to the basement for life.
  17. Makes NO Sense to Buy Anything other than a Rubicon

    And my point of saying, "Optioned appropriate to the trim level..." means if I'm going to spend that much extra for the Rubi, I'm not going to buy one with plastic Safari bumpers or pass up the LEDs and Proximity Entry available at that trim level. It's about real world... not about being fair.
  18. More 2018 Wrangler JL Colors Coming - Nacho, Mojito!, Punk'n, Ocean Blue, Sting-Gray (with renders)

    They already have 4 shades of gray: white, billet, granite, and black, as well as red, green, and blue. Sting-gray should've been an earth tone (and orange isn't it).
  19. JL sport not really that bad

    Air-Conditioning is standard on the 4-door base Sport but $1,295 optional on the 2-door base Sport. (says my wife who also points out the 4-door has a higher tow rating and we could sleep in it).
  20. JL/JLU Rubicon Rear Fenders

    FWIW, I found the angles and ground clearance in the Dimensions and Capacities section of the All Standard Features section of the Build Tool Summary page. Clearance is 9.7" for the Sport, 10.0" for the Safari, and 10.8" for the Rubicon. BFG Specs: 81501 LT285/70R17/C 116/113Q RIM WIDTH RANGE...