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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    Lakeland CDJ. You will see some other comments on here. I live way south of Lakeland and Jason Doherty and his team took great care of me. Great price and great service.
  2. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    I have a two door Rubicon with the same tires and bigger wheels. I live almost in the Everglades, FL so I know about rain. No problems with mine. Try a set of Goodyear Wranglers if you really want to slide around.
  3. Recommended Dealers List

    I bought my Rubicon a year and a half ago from these guys. Jason Doherty is who I dealt with and they are first class. I live almost to the everglades and they delivered my Jeep all the way from Lakeland. First Class dealership. Matt D.
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    I was the first person on this forum (1 1/2 Years ago) that used and Bragged about Lakeland CDJ. Jason Doherty is the GM and a Class act. They delivered my car (3 hrs) right to my doorstep. I highly recommend Lakeland Florida CDJ.
  5. Talk me into or out of 20" wheels and 35" tires - Rubi

    They would look cool in South Beach or LA. PItbull and the Kardashians run 20's. :)
  6. New quote how good is it?

    That is a good price especially if you don't have to travel across country to get it.
  7. Florida dealership recommendation - good experience

    I purchased from them last January and was very happy. They delivered my Rubicon to my doorstep (3 hours away). I never stepped into their dealership. Give them a try.
  8. 5.5 inch Lift kit with 37 tires

    Great for South Beach and Hollywood Blvd. :)
  9. Finally Gave Up

    Why not just buy a four door Camry. About the same amount of fun to drive as your Tundra.
  10. 35's on 20 inch rims?

    20's look good if you live in South Beach or LA!! Just Saying.
  11. Finally got some wheels & tires 35/12.5/17 toyo open country MTs on pro comps no lift

    A Teraflex 1.5" spacer lift would be perfect. It levels it out and raises it just a bit. Looks awesome w/ 35"s
  12. Deal or No Deal

    I thought someone posted that Lakeland is doing 7% below invoice??
  13. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I really like the bumper but if it mounts up precisely why do you have to pre-install and then paint / powder coat and remount it. Why would the paint or powder coating get nicked up in the install process if everything was engineered correctly? I cannot be without my Jeep for a few days and I...
  14. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    If you have to talk yourself into it then it is not the right color for you. Been there done that with a corvette years ago.
  15. Last minute affiliate discount?

    If you want the 1% from Tread Lightly you need the 30 days. No way around it.
  16. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Thanks for the info. One more question. What size light bar is that and what brand. I really like your set up.
  17. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    What front bumper is that?