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  1. Rear headrest removal

    This is no help to you now but I have twins and can tell you that one of the happier days of your everyday life will be chucking those things In the trash for the last time. Good luck on this issue. We did fine in JK.
  2. Are these dealer options a rip off

    I’d ask if they would take ten bucks, two old sock puppets and a hair brush for package because that’s all I’d pay. Everyone saw this coming with the popularity of the vehicle. It will settle down eventually. It’s also why I’ve ordered my last two.
  3. Any/all info on Sky One Touch PowerTop

    I just want removable sides on the regular hard top
  4. Video of JL "Sky One-Touch Power Top" Soft Top in Action

    I just want pop out windows on the regular freedom hard top
  5. Long legs and the JL don't mix...

    I’m 6’3”. I get this problem.
  6. Lets talk dash colors and options

    Why wouldn’t they match exterior color. Seems Simple Easy Relatively low cost
  7. Windshield tie down

    So you have to take wipers off or was that incidental? Asking for a friend of course.
  8. I'm a little disappointed in the reveal event

    1) these are the biggest missed opportunities in the world. They almost al suck. I don’t get if engineers run it or they don’t have advertising and pr people or what. 2) when introducing an American icon as an American icon have an American introduce it. This isn’t pure nationalism. This is...
  9. Seeing the external bolts on window/quarter panel/ cowl area

    how will external mirrors be fastened securely when doors are off. The jk had the perfect pattern for that and for lights to be mounted. Looks like to follow the old path of doing this it would require a big piece of metal to have any reliable stability (absent drilling...which I'm loathe to do...
  10. Pretty sure I saw a JL in Hershey, PA

    ^ the irony. I really wish they weren't there now on JL s.
  11. Official Dimensions (Length, Width, Wheelbase, Track, Water Fording) Specs of JL Wrangler

    Increasing the size much more Would affect trail maneuverability considerably. Glad they kept enthusiasts in mind while designing.
  12. JL Roof

    You aren't getting a fold down window AND NOT getting removable doors. I.E. they would t go through the trouble of keeping the fold down window, ( which at the time of my post was already confirmed by this site ) and not make the doors removable. My point was how stupid would it be to have a...
  13. JL Roof

    You need comprehension skills detective. Read it it out loud. Maybe then it'll make sense to you.
  14. Anyone afraid of receiving a first year JL lemon?

    I can't imagine there being a bug with the 3.8. The new axles...not likely. New motors, maybe.
  15. Who's going to LA auto show? what will they show?

    I don't understand delaying it as they have unless there is some issue
  16. Black Power Soft Top

    I hope I'm wrong but I just can't see this being a tight fold down.
  17. Side Air Bags are Standard for 2018 Wrangler

    Where do they put them? B pillar?
  18. Fender flare concerns

    Whomever commented that it looks like it's off a mid eighties Oldsmobile had me laughing.
  19. Verified: CB Radio Pre-Wired in New Wrangler

    I've installed several and this is a welcomed addition. It ain't hard but to hide wires takes some time.