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  1. 2021 Silver Lake Jeep Invasion

    Who all is planning on going to the SLSD Jeep Invasion this year? I will be up there Thursday to Sunday doing my Jeep podcast and cruising the dunes. If you see the Between Two Jeeps banner swing by and say hi!
  2. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    So it depends on what I am doing. If I am just driving on a snow covered road, 4 HI with TC and ESC on. If I am in my field having fun in the snow, 4 HI with TC and ESC off. I dont use 4 L in the snow. Also, MT do ok in snow, they absolutely SUCK on ice due to the large solid tread blocks...
  3. Towing a Camper Cross-Country with a JLU

    Fantastic writeup!! I am picking up a 2021 Forest River No Boundaries 16.8 in April. No Boundaries NB16.8 | Forest River RV - Manufacturer of Travel Trailers - Fifth Wheels - Tent Campers - Motorhomes ( I plan on towing it to all of my Jeep events this year (Silver Lake...
  4. Silver Lake Knowledge

    I stay in 4hi everywhere up there, but I turn off traction control and ESC. To turn off ESC first press the traction control button. Release then repress and hold until you hear a ding sound and then the dash screen will say ESC disabled.
  5. Guide to Two-Way Radio Services (CB, GMRS, MURS, FRS, Amateur) for the Trail

    Great read and great job putting this together. I know that Jeep Jamboree is going to GMRS for 2021. The two clubs I wheel with all use GMRS. The license is easy to get from the FCC, and $70 for 10 years is not bad at all. I currently have a handheld Beofeng, but will be putting a mounted...
  6. Jeep is Gone

    Sorry you had issues with your rig. I have 45K on mine now and have had no major issues. I maintain with frequent fluid changes, filter changes, and I invested in upgrading some of the "weaker" points on it for trail use. Best of luck with the GMC, I for one will never own another truck they...
  7. Dana 44 Limited Slip

    Exactly what VNT said. Paste on the magnet means that the gears are "mating" nicely, large shavings or chunks means there is a problem. If you want to go the extra step you can pull the cover and inspect the gears. I checked mine out when I swapped the crappy stamped covers out for the Dana...
  8. Dana 44 Limited Slip

    Change the gear oil and see if it helps. I use Royal Purple gear oil, but have used Amsoil in the past. I off-road a lot and water ford, so I check the fluid often and change the rear fluid ever 6 months, and the front annually. The Royal Purple gear oil has the LSD additive in it as does...
  9. Jeep Jamboree Moab. Who's going?

    I am going to Easter Jeep in the end of March. The event is 3/27 - 4/4.
  10. OH!.......?? Any Bucks!

    MOJO is a great club. I am on the paid membership side and enjoy the events that the club puts on.
  11. OH!.......?? Any Bucks!

    I am from NW Ohio! Not a buckeye though, go BGSU Falcons!
  12. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    Mine came with them. I like them, they do a good job catching snow and mud. You can still use the drain plugs, so they are easy to clean and empty.
  13. Ohio Jeepers

    Been on here a while and have had "Blue Devil" since July 2019. I am in Mt. Blanchard, which is outside of Findlay. Wheel often with MOJO and 419 Jeep Brigade.
  14. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I dont know if it has been posted before but here is the company I got my "cutthroat" from as well as shave soap and brush. Last time I was in AZ I stopped up at the shop too. Great people, and great products. Also, closest shave I have ever had is with my...
  15. JLU's: How big of a winch are you running?

    Warn VR 10 here, love it and have used it quite a bit around my farm.
  16. Rancho RS9000XL vs. Fox vs. Lifts

    I am a big fan of Fox products. I had ranchero on my 2018 Sierra 2500 All Terrain, and they were rusty after 6 months.... I have the Mopar lift kit that came with Fox mono tube, and I love them. I also have the fox stabilizer. They are well mannered on the road, and work very well on the trail.
  17. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I was looking for a JLUR at first, but the rig is my DD and weekend fun. I wanted leather since it cleans easier than cloth, LED headlamps/tails, and the Alpine audio. I also was in love with the Ocean Blue color. I was having a difficult time finding what I wanted then saw the MOAB sitting...
  18. Thoughts on Rust-proofing, undercoating, paint protection?

    I do it myself. First I have a subscription to a car wash in town. It uses rubber wash wheels, not the cloth, so its less prone to scratch the paint. I have the ultimate plan that includes a polymer paint protectant. Does a good job with bugs, mud, and other stuff. For the frame/underbody I...
  19. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    My MOAB came from the factory with KM2 and I never had an issue. The only time I had any traction issues was on ice, and that is to be expected with a MT that has no sipping. I ended up replacing them with a larger 34" Maxiss Razr MT as they have some sipping and decent reviews for packed snow...
  20. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    I dont see an issue with Overland, and I like the homage to the old Willys-Overland. I am from NW Ohio, and grew up in a suburb of Toledo. The OVERLAND smoke stack still stands on the old Jeep grounds, which is now occupied a new Dana facility.