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  1. Texas FS Teraflex Spare Tire Mounting Kit

    Teraflex Spare Tire Mounting Kit Part # 4838130. I bought this for my 2018 JK and sold the JK before I used it. It is new, never installed. Sell for $99 shipped free.
  2. Differential Fluid change

    Thought that would work but wanted to be sure. thanks
  3. What aftermarket battery are you running?

    I installed the SmartStopStart to disable ESS and I've kept it disabled from the beginning. i know from other threads that the ESS battery is still being charged. What I want to know from definitive sources (i.e. those that have done it successfully) is exactly how to eliminate the ESS battery...
  4. Differential Fluid change

    I have over 20K on my JLU Sahara. After my last Wave free oil change, the dealer recommended changing the diff fluid. Got ready to change it and saw the square end on the bolts and didn't know what tool to use? Need assistance. Thanks
  5. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    I have spent the last 4 days on-and-off carefully absorbing all the information in this thread. OMG what a well done wealth of useful and important data. Special kudos to Jebiruph and everyone who weighed-in. All posts were relevant and on-track and Jebiruph's responses were timely and...
  6. 12 volt fridge

    i originally got the Dometic 50 and it worked great except when full it was hard to manage getting in and out of the Jeep because it so heavy. It was also too difficult to transport (car to motel or wherever) so I got a small folding dolly. Finally, that also became cumbersome so I did some...
  7. One Year and 15,500 Miles with my Rubi

    Like the review. Congrats. Mine is essentially stock. I'm waiting for some wear before I start making major mods. Engine is bullet-proof (FCA has shipped over 1 million), tranny fine, ride is smooth (except when off-road). Taken a couple of 2,500 mile trips with no problems. Had a few...
  8. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    W What front bumper/winch do you have? Can you flat tow with it? I'm looking to replace my stock bumper. Thanks
  9. HotHead Sound Assassin Strips...What do they do?

    I'm very interested in feedback on the Sound Assassins both on the hardtop and floor. I love the JL but would like to reduce the interior noise level. I measured the interior (2018 JLU Sahara) noise at 81 db at 60 mph. As a comparison, my 2018 JKU Wrangler was 89 db, a significant difference...
  10. Reluctant newbie trading JK for JL

    I bought a 2018 JKU because I wanted a Jeep for the adventurous side in my life (I'm 69 years old and a long time motorcyclist). After taking it on a mid-mileage trip to the beach, I decided I wanted something a little more refined but still able to do off-roading. I had been reading about the...
  11. 12V Fridge & freezer

    I have the Dometic 50L and it's got lots of space, but it's heavy if you're going to moving around. The Alpicool has a retractable handle and can be wheeled like a suitcase. For me that's a lot more flexible if you're going to moving it from the jeep to a motel room. Both the Dometic and...
  12. Thinking of the JL/New to Jeep

    i bought my 2018 JLU Sahara V6 last September and have now logged 9K miles with no issues. If you're looking at engines, look at the forum for a comparison of the 4 liter vs the Pentastar V6, which by the way FCA has shipped over a million of. No complaints - go for it. The informed members...
  13. Joined the 2018 Cracked Windshield Club

    What is the urban legend acoustic glass and how do you know if you have it? I have a 2018 JLUS. Cracked my windshield and it's starting to run.
  14. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    My wife complains about an intermittent cool draft on the passenger side when the heat is on. I haven't noticed it on the driver side. I found another problem (feature?) - the recirculate function turns itself off after some period of time that I haven't been able to determine. On every other...
  15. Unknown Module/12V Relocation

    These are pictures of the left rear panel in the cargo area of my 2018 JLU Sahara. There are two things I’m trying to determine. 1) What is the unit shown in the red box (Rear Panel Unknown.jpg)? It has a windshield washer (?) imprint on it and it doesn’t connect to anything I can see. 2)...
  16. My Overland Jeep Wrangler JL w/ many upgrades

    What an absolutely beautiful rig!!! And functional as well!! Looks like you spared no expense. Is it the V6? Why did you get the Pedal Commander? I had one on my JK but didn't think I needed it on the JL. Cheers
  17. Pedal Commander Install... Super EASY!

    I had the Pedal Commander on my 2018 JK and it really helped with responsiveness. I thought I was going to need it on my JL but the 8-speed is very responsive and shifting is smooth. Yes, there's a lot of shifting on hilly roads. I just don't see how PC would help. Cheers
  18. Who's got the most miles so far?

    Got mine Sept 2 and now have 4,000 miles with no issues. It's an absolute pleasure to drive and so much more refined then the JK. Getting about 22 mpg with the v6. Taking it in tomorrow for the first oil change and UA5 safety recall. I didn't observe a problem but with my untrained eye I...
  19. Hid or led??

    You better check your local DOT regulations about HID. Here in Texas HID headlights are illegal. I had a motorcycle with HID and had to swap out to a standard headlight to get it inspected. I don't know the Maryland DOT rules. LEDs are awesome. Cheers
  20. Hi-lift?

    Has this been released for the JL? If so, can you give some details - part number, pictures, installation, etc. Thanks