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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hi. Not sure where to go on this Forum to post a new question. Any advice would be very helpful. 1. Love My New JLUR in White. Bought it in April 2018. Just had Fox Suspension and Hostile 20x12 Wheels with Nitto 37's 13.5 put on. Heavenly! 2. Purchasing tomorrow am with a private seller an...
  2. Took Ownership Of Rubicon

    We did the ceramic. It's perfect too! The entire windshield, and rest of jeep. Gave it extra sun protection.. Thank you for the tip. We had a guy come to our house. Does it professionally for another dealership.
  3. Need advice -Lift,Sidesteps,Rockrails JLUR 4 Dr

    Hello. Checking in on the steps... are you still happy with them? do they get scratched easy since they are not the tube Powder coated? do you like the Lights on them? Sorry for all the questions. Thank you for your time. CK
  4. American Flag Taillight covers.. Anyone have it?

    Hi. Has anyone added taillight covers to the new Rubicon yet? I think it looks unique. But... does it cover the taillights up too much, from the light showing through? Please provide thoughts. Photos too. Thank you.
  5. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Wow, Impressive! The new leather, is it a better quality, then what the black is?
  6. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Congratulations. We have the same outfit.. lol Enjoy. Check tire pressure. ASAP. Mine was so hard to steer. All over the place. Psi was between 42 and 47 on all 5 tires. Supposed to be at 35 or 37. That info was on the inside driver door frame.
  7. Any one get a Cargo Mat for the Jeep yet?

    Any Cargo mats made yet for the JLUR?
  8. just took delivery - question for those who have already gotten their Jeep

    I felt your pain. Holes in the floor mats? Can you show me a pic of what your talking about? I did get the tool kit. I paid just like you. It better come with everything. Did you get Dual Top? We did. Waiting on Top Lift pros item to come in, so we can start adding the premium soft top for the...
  9. Antenna. Which one to get, MOPAR?

    Hi. I'm ready to change out the Antenna on our JL Rubicon. Should we order it from the dealership, in parts department? Does it matter, make a difference on which one we purchase? Any thoughts on it, will be helpful. Thank you.
  10. Need info. Motor home flat towing.

    Thank you. We decided to go ahead with Lazydays. They did give us a little more of a discount. Safe Travels. Enjoy your trips!
  11. Rock Rails vs. Running Boards for JL Rubicon

    Hi @Smarrtazz How are you? What is the status?
  12. Rock Rails vs. Running Boards for JL Rubicon

    I like number 5... ahahah
  13. Anyone notice.., Drip paint marks on the body

    Hi, I know I read some where on one of these Threads.. a Jeep had a drip mark on the body. Wet paint dripped, and dried. What to do about that? I have one on the side of my Jeep. I found it when I closing the back passenger door. I called the Dealership... they don't really give a crap...
  14. Where to order Mat for cargo area? Rubicon JL

    Cargo Area Tray, Molded, 4 Door - Mopar (82214404) SHOP FOR RELATED PARTS IN ACCESSORIES This one? Any one buy it yet?
  15. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Question, how to post a new thread message under this Group. Thanks for the help... I see Post New Thread under General, but that's it.. Thanks...
  16. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    WOW! Outstanding. Very Creative. Good for you!
  17. Where to order Mat for cargo area? Rubicon JL

    All I need is the Full cargo area... but, it needs to have the cut out for the Alpine speaker... I want all the carpet covered to keep it protected...
  18. Where to order Mat for cargo area? Rubicon JL

    Thank you very much!