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  1. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Thanks for the report. When you say fighting, do you mean you were fighting it? Like it was preventing you from steering or moving?
  2. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Ha well if that’s important, then I may be screwed, mine was built at 3pm on a Friday! 112015
  3. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    I will add that in my wife’s 2019 rubicon we never heard this noise, I assume it’s something related to the new off-road + feature. Even though the sound happens with off-road + disabled, maybe the software is different.
  4. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    I recently had my front wheel bearings and front axle shafts replace for another noise issue. So I just want to stand by and see how this develops before going to a dealer, I believe it’s more related to the software than the hardware so I’m crossing fingers for a TSB flash that cures it.
  5. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    So if it’s not a problem, did Jeep or the dealer or the tech say specifically what makes the noise? Because if no one knows what component makes the noise, how could they determine whether it’s a problem or not?
  6. 6 speed Rubicon binding noise in 4low

    21 JULR EcoDiesel experiencing the same noises here
  7. Scraping sound under driver's side offroading

    Did you ever receive a response? I’ve experienced this same noise, I will try disabling as many electronic “nannies” as I can but it’s certainly strange that Jeep hasn’t thoroughly explained whether the noise is normal or not.
  8. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    2021 JLUR here, thought it was some sort of ABS nanny engaging. Looking for more info.
  9. LOD Signature w Smittybuilt X20

    Digging up an old thread here, but I have an x20 with the signature bumper and was wondering if you added washers since the “center mount” holes on the LOD winch plate are wider diameter than the included Smittybilt washers?
  10. RC 2.5 Spacer on JLUR Diesel, worth it to do some longer LCA?

    I’m doing the RC budget boost to help tire clearance after adding bumper winch and gear on stock rubicon diesel suspension. Don’t have money to get into the setup I really want so this will have to do for now. I can pickup the longer mopar front LCAs for 60 a pair. Is it worth installing those...
  11. Tennessee BF Goodrich KO2

    Here are some pics
  12. Tennessee BF Goodrich KO2

    White letter on one side, black on other, you choose what you want.
  13. Tennessee BF Goodrich KO2

    315/70r17 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ
  14. Tennessee BF Goodrich KO2

    5 BF Goodrich KO2 tires 285x70r17 (33 inch) Load Range C. 4 have 1000 miles on them, 1 has no miles. All date codes from the end of 2020, fresh rubber. Never taken off-road, no cuts or punctures. 800 OBO Nashville/Middle Tennessee
  15. Air intake noise when decelerating?

    I mean that’s what I assumed it was, but I figured someone would know better. I get some whistle and high pitched noise with throttle and sometimes this noise when letting off.
  16. Air intake noise when decelerating?

    At almost 1000 miles on my 2021 JLURD and was wondering if anyone else notices some noise when coming to a stop. Sounds to me almost like back pressure or something from the intake, which is now on the drivers side. this is my first diesel and first turbo so maybe it’s normal and I’m just not...
  17. LOD signature bumper, install winch to plate before or after mounting bumper?

    Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. I am putting in a Smittybilt x20 10k, which I think is a bit smaller than your Badlands but I doubt it’ll make that much room for accessing the inside bolts. slick looking rig you have there.
  18. LOD signature bumper, install winch to plate before or after mounting bumper?

    Wonder if anyone’s done one of these and has some input. Seems I can lower winch onto the plate after attaching the bumper itself, but maybe it’s easier to attach winch to plate before the bumper? Anyone have some tips? It’s my first time doing a Jeep bumper, I have done a lot more of this work...
  19. What is this icon on the nav page?

    no. My phone signal is down the bottom. in other screens it shows this: