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  1. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    It's her first jeep and she seems to like it. The Islander is just a sport with some bells and whistles.
  2. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    It is a friend. She bought an Islander. I have 2 sports, 1 JLU and 1 JTU
  3. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    what does the Islander offer that the sport doesn't besides cosmetic differences?
  4. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    A friend of mine wants to buy a jeep to drive on the beach. Nothing intense just a slow drive on the beach. Is there a difference between the Sport S Model and the Rubicon Model as far as protection from the sand. I know the Rubicon's have skid plates but is the engine and parts sealed...
  5. LED swap from halogens

    I know you didn't but the Oracle Head Lights in this video, but it shows you how they wired them up for the halo to work off the DRL. FYI, I would return those and buy the Oracles. They are cheaper and have a lot more functions. I've included the link to the headlights below. Then go with a...
  6. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    Go to the parts department, get the part number, and then talk to the sales manager. Trust me they will do it. We did it when we ordered my mother in laws firecracker red Sahara. She wanted the red dash and it only comes with a gray one. I ordered the red dash and they put it in as part of...
  7. Would you be hesitant to buy a used 2020 JL that was a rental car?

    It's from a Jeep dealership. Get the 100,000 mile Mopar extended warranty, make sure it covers electronics and you have no worries. If anything goes the warranty will cover it.
  8. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    You can just order the gray dash and have the dealership put it in for you as part of the deal. My mother in law got a Firecracker Red Sahara. She wanted the Red Dash, but didn't want to pay the extra money for the Rubicon. So, we ordered the Red Dash from their parts department and the...
  9. Should I build a Wrangler or hold out for the right used JL? Should I even BUY a Wrangler?

    I was in the same situation as you were. I wanted a jeep but my house needed a truck, so I bought a Galdiator. Best of both worlds, you get your jeep, plus a truck bed. You need to decide if you want a Manual Transmission over Heated Seats. Because you cannot get the cold weather group...
  10. 5 Wheel Rotation vs 4 Wheel Rotation

    I took my Wrangler JLU in for it's first complimentary oil change from the dealership that I bough it from and asked for a 5 wheel tire rotation. They charge an extra $10 for the extra wheel. Not the $10 is a lot, but it's the principle of it. Anyway, they proceeded to tell me that it is rare...