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  1. Check Engine Light Flashing 10 Times While In Run Position But Not Running

    Just noticed today that the check engine light will flash 10 times when in the run position but not actually started. I Googled it and it says that it means the ECM has not run it's emission OBD monitors and after driving a while the monitors will eventually run and pass. Is this all it is...
  2. Oil additives

    I changed my oil with full synthetic Amsoil 0W-20 and it actually rattles / ticks more now. Wonder if the 5W-30 will really work in quieting it down?
  3. V-41 fix?

    Yep I think most of us will not even notice a difference. More placebo and wanting it to do miracles so we make ourselves believe. Maybe it’ll help some but I’m not drinking the kool-aid either. I’m holding out on mine for a month or so. That way the dealerships get time to get it down and...
  4. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    Yep told me to change it when I hit 0%. So I did. No sooner no later. :-)
  5. Got the V41 recall work done

    Nice! Where are they located? I’m out in Brighton and need to find a dealer who does this fix correctly.
  6. Had my steering damper replaced today.

    Some people have said that the sticker is wrong on some of them. They said to just make sure the buldge is on the bottom. That's the main thing to look for.
  7. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    As promised here is my Blackstone Oil Report! I had the TBN done too for an extra $10. TBN determines how much active additive is left. Low is 1 or lower. Mine was at 3.3 so still plenty of oil life left. Now all the break in metals were pretty high so I'm glad I changed it when I did. I...
  8. Rained all on the inside of my Jeep :-(

    Been so busy working I haven’t had time to reinstall the carpets or back seat. Lol! But otherwise no lingering smell just yet. I think it’ll be fine though.
  9. V-41 fix?

    For sure I agree! My JL Rubi steers and feels way better than my 2017 Sahara. That thing was all over the road. Lol!
  10. V-41 fix?

    Yep unreal. I think I’ll keep my stock dampner until I feel the death wobble. It’s not broke so I’m not having it fixed.
  11. Touch free wash with soft top

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate all the advice! :-)
  12. Touch free wash with soft top

    I accidentally did the rainx finishing wash. Will the wax ruin the soft top?
  13. Touch free wash with soft top

    Fir sure me too but here in Michigan it gets down to zero so I’ll need an alternative in the winter.
  14. Touch free wash with soft top

    just went through a touch free wash to test it out for winter time. As it was blowing it dry some water got through the front driver side part of soft top and dripped on my arm. Seems sealed near that edge so all I can think of was just the dryer found a nook and cranny to get though? The...
  15. Rained all on the inside of my Jeep :-(

    Some people do. It’s def easier to clean out for sure.
  16. Rained all on the inside of my Jeep :-(

    Floor boards are painted an unfinished red in mine. Def not bare metal and is kind of unfinished paint.
  17. Rained all on the inside of my Jeep :-(

    Nice! I’m worried about replacing my dampner cuz they might screw up what’s not broken. Mine is fine so I’m hesitant. Did you get under it and make sure they installed it right? A lot of dealerships are installing it backwards. Bulge should be down.
  18. Engine studder and thottle lag anyone else having this issue

    I just might try this. As soon as I get my Jeep back together from the rain storm. Damn thing is airing out. :-(
  19. Ethanol Test Kit--Results!

    Yeah I’d say my average is right around 20 - 20.5mpg with stop and go traffic 30-50mph in the morning and smooth sailing traffic at 70mph on the way home. I use Sunoco 93 and Shell 93.