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  1. North Carolina ProClip Dash Mount Phone Holder for JL Wrangler - Like New $50

    I'm selling a like new ProClip JL Wrangler Dash Mount Phone Holder. Comes with the center dash mount ( and large adjustable phone holder, part# 246830 ( Both pieces...
  2. North Carolina 2019 JLUR Rock Rails - Raleigh, NC area - $50 for the set

    No problem. Actually have someone coming by tonight to pick them up. Good luck on the search!
  3. North Carolina 2019 JLUR Rock Rails - Raleigh, NC area - $50 for the set

    Yes they are available and I do have the hardware to install the sliders. Let me know.
  4. North Carolina 2019 JLUR Rock Rails - Raleigh, NC area - $50 for the set

    Selling a set of rock rails that came off my 2019 4 door Rubicon. In great condition. $50 takes the set. PM if interested.
  5. White Knuckle Off Road Rock Sliders Installed

    Not looking for a commission but rather to help those interested in purchasing the sliders a little as well as steer some business to White Knuckle as I believe the sliders are a great value while delivering higher than expected results once installed. You are going to like them!
  6. White Knuckle Off Road Rock Sliders Installed

    Make sure to use the 5% off code in the video description. Loving the sliders. Rock solid and look great in my opinion. Post some pics once yours are installed.
  7. White Knuckle Off Road Rock Sliders Installed

    Finally had some time to install the White Knuckle Off Road rock sliders. Love these things. Well built and very solid. Looking forward to dinging them up on some rocks some time soon. Install was easy but did have to wait about 5 weeks to get them delivered. Here's a 5% discount code if...
  8. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    That's similar to how I do it. I reinstall the bolt to the body when the arm is disconnected. This keeps me from losing the bolt and is easier than storing in the back. I then start to close the door and position the arm over the bolt and close the door fully which presses the arm in. It...
  9. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Yes, the the way the JK worked. I don't mind it free swinging as long as I have the strap connected to keep it from swinging into the body.
  10. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    It's meant to push in that far as some people keep the door retainer disconnected full time and it then will not contact the body of the Jeep when the door is closed.. I keep it disconnected during the summer when we frequently take off the doors or switch to tube doors. Four less bolts to...
  11. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    See my video. Definitely a non issue as they are designed to be pushed all the way in. Getting them out is easy.
  12. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Push those door arms all the way into the door and problem solved. Unless I'm following this part of the thread incorrectly.
  13. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    I'm slowly getting Cloaked. Game Changer is working great.
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    I've never used 4lo on any of the easy or moderate Uwharrie trails. You'll should be fine although if it's wet, there may be some slipping and sliding! I'm planning to hit Uwharrie on Sunday with my son if anyone is interested.
  15. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Just made a quick video showing my set up.
  16. Body mount tire carrier: CAVFAB vs. Rustys

    Do you still have to disconnect/unplug and remove the camera when taking off the spare? This is the one issue that keeps steering me to the Rusty's carrier.
  17. Opinions on either Rigid or Vision X 4" round lights

    I'm looking for a 4" round light for bumper install. I have it narrowed down to either the Rigid 360 series 4" (36118) or Vision X CG2 4.7" Light Cannon (CG2-CPM710KIT). I've seen and read limited reviews. Anyone have either installed or first hand experience with them?
  18. Does your steering wheel lock?

    Just noticed my steering wheel does not lock when the Jeep is off and/or locked? Not certain this is normal. Anyone else experience this?
  19. North Carolina Roll Call

    Cleaned? Pulled mine in the garage and there she sits - dust and all. Plan to clean the interior tomorrow. Will need to wait for some rain to clean the exterior unless I'm feeling overly enthusiastic and will then break out hose and sponge. But sting gray hides dirt well so time will tell...
  20. North Carolina Roll Call

    Went well. Good day to wheel. Not too crowded. We ended up with a third who joined - not sure he's on the forum. Did all the easy and moderate trails. I could tell my wife was hot and close to miserable so we left around 2pm. ConqSoft got a small puncture in his KO2 which was easily...