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  1. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    Hydro assist will mask the problem, but it is a really really good band-aid. Track bar, tie rod/drag link, ball joints are the things you should check. My ball joints passed all the on-vehicle tests you can do, but after I replaced them (also replaced tie rod at the same time) the wobbles are...
  2. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    You might be able to adjust your toe setting to like 1/8th inch toe out, that masked my wobble for a while. Just not great long term for tire wear.
  3. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    It's not that difficult with the right tools. I'd call Dynatrac. The OEM balljoints cost almost as much as the Dynatracs, seems like a pretty bad waste of dinero.
  4. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    Similar to what a lot of threads around here have said regarding ball joints, mine didn't exhibit any of the "bad" symptoms when doing the various tests. I can't really say for sure whether the steer smarts tie rod (already had the drag link) or the new dynatrac ball joints fixed my problem...
  5. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    I replaced only the drag link with the steer smarts drag link and it didn't seem to have any effect on the wobbles. This weekend I replaced the tie rod with steer smarts, and the ball joints with the Dynatrac units. Not sure which one it was, but there is absolutely zero hint of wobbles now, and...
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Absolutely worth the money. There are cheaper options obviously but then you'll eventually spend the same or more money to buy all the pieces that come in the game changer. Buy once, cry once, as they say. It's a great lift. We've had the rocksports for 2 years. Actually just got 2 free...
  7. Knocking when shaking JL side to side

    No. Have a helper rock the Jeep back and forth while you inspect every part of the suspension.
  8. Hanging top from garage ceiling.

    Oh Jesus, I just re-read that you wanted to hang the top vertically from only those 2 holes? I'm gonna change my "I wouldn't do that" to ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THAT.
  9. Hanging top from garage ceiling.

    I would not do that. Just install some D rings or eyelets in the ceiling, then run a few straps underneath the hardtop as the above poster suggested. Get some pool noodles to put on top of the top then you can cinch it all the way up to the ceiling If you have any kind of wood working ability...
  10. Beadlocks

    My KM3s measure to 37.5" at about 28lbs.
  11. Are you stimulated?

    Also, just because someone makes a certain amount, it doesn't make them well off or poor. Someone who brings in 60k/yr could have way more spending money than someone who makes 100k, all depends on their habits. Friend of mine who made decent money was always paycheck to paycheck because he...
  12. Seemingly Obsessed with Wranglers - But Have Never Owned One... Help!!

    It was a factory order, ordered a 2019 at the beginning of 2019. There are some dealerships that are really willing to make deals happen, there's info about them in various threads on this forum but I don't exactly remember where, it's been over 2 years since I went anywhere near the order...
  13. Beadlocks

    Makes complete sense. Sounds like that type of failure isn't necessarily the fault of the manufacturer, but the user
  14. Are M/T's really Necessary?

    No problem at all!
  15. Are M/T's really Necessary?

    Yeah I looked it up after he said that and realized that's probably what he meant.
  16. Are M/T's really Necessary?

    I agree with everything you said, including about the Pats. I have 39" KM3s now, way mo betta.
  17. Are M/T's really Necessary?

    Please let me know if you figure it out!! When is Uwharrie closing? I haven't heard that. One of my buddies and I were planning to head out there for a quick trip before he moves from SC to TX.
  18. Downsizing tires

    I knew a guy who had a Rubicon, put a 3.5" metalcloak lift on his Jeep but didn't have the funds to get bigger tires. Ran around on the stock 33s for about a year with the lift, and his Jeep looked absolutely ridiculous (in my opinion)
  19. Are you stimulated?

    Is it really that surprising? It's kind of the American way