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  1. M200 upgrade to 32 spline locking differential and axles.

    just want to say thanks again for this thread! I just did the same setup on mine.. hooked the locker to S- tech switch bank, looks like stock =), couldn't be happier. I would mention also, for anyone doing this. i did a regear at the same time to 4.56 and the labor cost was barely different...
  2. M200 upgrade to 32 spline locking differential and axles.

    yeah i have looked into it and best i can find is that their impression is based off of the OLD cable design which wasn't spring loaded (i believe). the cable pushed AND pulled the actuator fork.. instead of just pushing it, as the new version. looking for another shop...partially i guess why OX...
  3. M200 upgrade to 32 spline locking differential and axles.

    The shop I'm going through said they wouldn't fully install the OX because they are prone to locking without actuation, and don't want the liability. Has anyone else heard of this? looking like getting this set up is going to be harder then i initially thought unfortunately.
  4. M200 upgrade to 32 spline locking differential and axles.

    I'm about to follow in your footsteps.... Did u order the bearings and seals separate from the axles or did they come together from randy's? Am deciding weather to order axles and seals through the installer.. or myself.
  5. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Nah no lockers. Just upgraded to 35s.. (33s in these pix) maybe locker next... These are the 52 analogs :)
  6. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    I have an 18 jl 22k miles on it.. zero issues other then maintenance. Been awesome. I will say though jeep dealerships service is the worst. Rife with ineptitude and laziness. Once I'm out of having to go to them for free I won't be back.
  7. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Some pix from a recent trip in big bear/san bernardino natl forest. Did gold mtn and little John bull.... Waiting on 35s before I hit the big boy. New gate keeper on gold mtn is pretty cool. And took one of the harder lines up the first waterfall which was new for me... Glad I got that rear...
  8. Rear differential slide plate for Dana 35

    just put mine on this afternoon, pretty happy with it, to echo what you said above... getting that clamp surface flat to the base plate is weird... i just tightened it down.. it sorted itself out.. but.. feels off.
  9. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    yeah that click didn't really turn out to be the issue I was chasing... I have the same sound when turning as the above video tho, and you can hear that click in my video, I have the same thing in the tie rod as well.. with the joint moving up a touch, no horizontal movement tho.
  10. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    to finalize the challenge I had with this, and provide closure if people find this searching... I did all of the things suggested above... lifted it up, basically re-assembled it, re-indexed the springs... all of it. After all of this, the noise persisted, so I was convinced that the minor bow...
  11. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Night out after hitting the bike park, first time sleeping in the back of the jeep.. works great!
  12. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    The one that came with the Metalcloak kit.
  13. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    Thanks for the comments @limeade and @maaark definitely going to jack it up try some things!
  14. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    Took this video of the drag link, at one point the end link clicks upwards as the steering is moved back and forth in one area. is this normal? the click is visibly noticeable at the wheel as well.
  15. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    - installed metalcloak game changer 2.5in lift kit, went off-roading, now I have a clunk coming from the frame when I steer sharply or hit speedbumps at low speeds. I can literally feel a knock in my front left foot when it happens. Passengers in the back can also hear it. - checked all the...
  16. Rear differential slide plate for Dana 35

    That appears to be for a 44. sports unless you got an LSD option or a manual have a gen3 - dana35(m200). I don't believe Rancho makes an option (yet?).. here are their JL offerings...
  17. Rear differential slide plate for Dana 35

    oh i just asked the same question here - cant find a good answer either... seems very odd...
  18. Differential protection

    So, has anyone found a glide plate for the rear of a sport? (m200) ? I have the rancho front (m185) and its been great.. would like one for the rear as well.. like.. op.. I couldn't find one, unless one of the others they offer works on the (m200) in the rear also?
  19. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    friend and I went up to Big Bear - CA did Sidewinder and Heartbreak Ridge. First time out with the new Metalcloak 2.5 game changer.. and.. its amazing. Was a busy couple days to install, but so worth it!
  20. Fifteen 52 Analog HD...anyone?

    Metalcloak 2.5 game changer with rocksports. I would say.. it looks a bit more off then the photos let on.