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  1. New York JLUR OEM rock rails - $100

    JLUR rock rail take offs. Taken off at about the 500 mile mark. Perfect condition. Local pick up only.
  2. New York sold

  3. Criswell Jeep in Maryland

    One week ago today I picked up my JLUR from Criswell. Julius and Patrick were great. It was a long day (11 hours round trip) but totally worth it. The savings and service were excellent. I only wish I could have brought the weather home with me to Upstate NY. The Jeep was so shiny when I picked...
  4. Diabolical Slipstream Security Enclosure Install and review (with pics)

    Does anyone know if the Slipstream is compatible with the Bestop Trektop NX? I currently have a hard top but was planning on getting the Trektop this summer. If the Slipstream is not compatible, I'll probably have to go with the Tuffy storage box.
  5. Criswell Jeep in Maryland

    Hey, that might be mine next to yours! Ordered 2/22 and was informed from Julius that it arrived yesterday. Billet Silver JLUR. Hope to pick mine up Saturday.
  6. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    I ordered my JLUR from Crisswell on 2/22 and I just got a call today that it has arrived. I checked with Jeep chat on Sunday and they told me it was JB status. I didn't think it would be in so soon. Lucky me.
  7. Criswell Jeep in Maryland

    $1000, refundable.
  8. Criswell Jeep in Maryland

    My 1st e-mail to Julius was 2/20 and we finalized the order 3 business days. I knew exactly what options I wanted so my only question was if he could do 8% including Tread Lightly. His replies weren't immediate by any means but I would imagine he is very busy with customers in the...
  9. Criswell Jeep in Maryland

    Julius must be selling lots of Jeeps. I just ordered my Rubicon today from Criswell. I got 8% off invoice which includes Tread Lightly. Julius was great to work with and very responsive to e-mail, which is important to me as I live several hours away. The process was much smoother than my in...
  10. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Thanks. Mojito was my 1st choice but my wife vetoed it. Sadly is wouldn't be very practical for 6 months of the year when our roads are covered in salt. I'm going with my 2nd choice of Billet Silver.
  11. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello All, New to the forum and hopefully new to a JL soon. I've driven 4Runners for the last 25 years (great vehicles) but rented a Rubicon from Barlow Jeep in Sedona on a recent visit. Needless to say, I am hooked. I was so impressed with the modern features of the JLs and of course they are...