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  1. Jeep is Gone

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions but I think my decision was mostly based on principle. Had this Jeep for 26 months and all these things started going wrong. Our 2006 GMC Sierra 189thousand miles replaced an airbag sensor. 2015 GMC Sierra 107thousand miles just maintenance. I’m...
  2. Jeep is Gone

    Our Rubicon started out great with the exception of the soft top but we just lived with it. We were in Moab ,Badlands and a lot of other great trails with it and then when 40,000 miles hit all the problems started. I never take out extended warranties cause you shouldn’t have to a vehicle should...
  3. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    Delivery was Sept 2018 and we have 30700 trouble free miles so far.
  4. Rear diff oil

    Did mine yesterday in an hour and I move around pretty slow as a senior citizen.
  5. Tennessee Featherlite Trailer

    What year is it? Mileage Any damage or dents?
  6. Windrock October 25-27

    We might be interested in going too. Post up the details when available
  7. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    For you Shepard lovers. If you never had one you just wouldn’t understand
  8. What did you buy this Labor Day?

    Jeep gonna have to wait till Black Friday now.
  9. 'em

    My cousins all have hunting dogs (photos above) but after our last Shepard was gone we decided no more
  10. JL for a roadtrip??

    We left May 1 for Durango Co 1600 miles 2 days. From there we went to Moab, St George Utah, then to the Badlands of South Dakota then back home.We did 6300 miles in 22 days and the most was 850 miles in one day. Gas mileage was anywhere from 13.5 (high winds) to 21 mpg. I ran the tires at 30 psi...
  11. August 10-11 Outing

    Video was great thanks for posting. We had a great time with y’all can’t wait to do it again!
  12. August 10-11 Outing

    Like Sweetwater said just a nice cruise thru the woods. It was a awesome day they have great trails up in Scott county and the best thing is nobody broke anything.
  13. Stock JLU Rubicon Wheels, larger tires?

    Nitro makes a Trail Grappler in 35/11.5r17 . A 285 tire is 11.2 wide
  14. August 10-11 Outing

    We haven’t made any changes yet until the warranty runs out in about 10 months.I do need to put my winch on it’s been sitting here for 2 months. These trails Saturday do you need a lift and 40’s?
  15. August 10-11 Outing

    We will see you Saturday morning.
  16. How fast do you drive your 2 door JL on the Highway?

    When the speed limit allows and not to windy it feels solid to me running 80.