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  1. Another flat tow question

    Thank you sounds like good advice!
  2. Another flat tow question

    I started the JL yesterday morning, and the odometer read 1462 miles. That is where I think it should have been. No idea what happened, seems like some electronic glitch. I'm heading to the dealer to see what they have to say.
  3. Another flat tow question

    Well in total 4400 miles. On the way out from Charlotte NC to Montana I saw no difference in the odometer. On the return the odometer was rolled back several hundred miles? The JL is fairly new, I towed it out with 1100 miles on it. We drove all around Yellowstone I never noticed how many miles...
  4. Another flat tow question

    I finished towing my 2018 JL yesterday and noticed the odometer had rolled back 300+ miles. The transfer case was in neutral and the transmission was in park and the ignition was off. Any ideas why this may have happened? Thanks Mike