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  1. Rattling upon acceleration

    Interestingly enough, I run 91 octane exclusively. Since the addition of e-load tires, the weight keeps me out of low RPMs for the most part and I rarely hear mine do it anymore.
  2. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    My coopers are E load but they feel like c load tires. They're super comfortable. They're very quiet as well. They're also the lightest tires in this size in an aggressive tread.
  3. Rattling upon acceleration

    I just don't understand why they don't tell you that 93 octane is recommended.
  4. Rattling upon acceleration

    So Jeep is officially saying the engine knocks. Great.
  5. Rattling upon acceleration

    LOL yep. What a joke.
  6. Rattling upon acceleration

    Yes, please post it here!
  7. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I agree there. I'm running on stock gears and I'm having no issues. I will probably re gear eventually because I tow a boat with it and I plan to put on a slight lift and steel bumpers but it's definitely not necessary. I just like that low end torque.
  8. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Even according to that chart it's going to be right in the center of daily driver and best overall performance in 4.10 gearing. Also, the way the transmission is, you'll get more use of 8th gear on the highway which will probably net overall better MPGs.
  9. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I'm sorry, but that's bullcrap. The Rubicon has 4.10 gearing in a smaller tire size. 4.10s would be pretty perfect IMO.
  10. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I'm in hilly East Tennessee and the only time I ever notice it is above 70 mph on a hilly highway. It'll hunt between 7-8th a little but not bad. I also have the lightest tire in the size though with the Cooper AT3 ATX.
  11. Rattling upon acceleration

    I have 33,000 miles now. As of now I'm not using oil or anything yet. If I start noticing it using oil or something it will be traded very quickly.
  12. Rattling upon acceleration

    I'm sorry you're having this issue, but could you move this to another thread? This isn't what this thread is about. We're all having engine ping.
  13. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I'm running Copper AT3 ATX tires in E load at 35psi and they're very comfortable. From what I understand Nitto and BF Goodrich have stiffer sidewalls so it's more important to go with C load on either of those if you can help it. Also, C load tires tend to be lighter than E load. My Coopers are...
  14. Rattling upon acceleration

    Doesn't the Gladiator have an over sized radiator and wider grille openings? What about a radiator and grille swap?
  15. Rattling upon acceleration

    Let us know how this turns out. I'm very interested in the oil cooler and cooler thermostat ideas.
  16. Rattling upon acceleration

    Possible. I also went up to 285/75/17 tires and haven't regeared. It takes higher RPMs in general to reach speed.
  17. Summer tops

    Right, we need a product that is affordable to the average hard top owner who wants something easy and quick to throw on as a semi-permanent top for the summer months.
  18. Rattling upon acceleration

    What's weird is I have 34,000 miles now and never hear it anymore. I'm not sure what changed.
  19. Summer tops

    Say it louder for those in the back!