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  1. First post , first Jeep

    Not found one yet as I’ve noticed when open the fabric flaps a bit. Ideally would find a useful Halfords to try and place some universal ones but my local is pony .
  2. First post , first Jeep

    ah bit far from me otherwise you could have had a drive around . Must need a bit of adjustment tho
  3. First post , first Jeep

    Ok something wrong a mate has one too and he and I easily have phone conversations over the car Bluetooth . You might need a refit and play. Where are you in the country ?
  4. First post , first Jeep

    Really? is this with it closed or open? Its no help I know but been down the motorway in ours and it’s fine, closed it is louder but no whistling etc etc, even open up to 60 is ok.
  5. First post , first Jeep

    Yes dead easy to fit (once you wrestle the z clips into the position and use the new instructions so assemble it off the vehicle ) , comes with everything you need and just the jeep tool kit for the torx40 /ratchet if you don’t have one. Took about 20mins.
  6. First post , first Jeep

    Bestop Sunrider fitted ... bought from really good to deal with and answered any questions I had, arrived within the week , will definitely use again. Also from buzzspecialvehicles picked up some Rigid 360 lights , Alex super helpful and handily only 30 mins away.
  7. Lets see em' - Sunrider for JL on your Jeep

    Just fitted ....actually 30mins fitting the z clips and 15mins rest of it Oddly for the UK no rain so can’t comment on weather proofing yet !
  8. First post , first Jeep

    I normally go Direct line with the other cars but they won’t underwrite a wrangler JL , so shopped around and always added a ‘winch bumper’ on the quote or when phoning. Didn’t do a thing to the premium. Now larger tyres or lift did . But I think it’s more insurance company specific tbh.
  9. First post , first Jeep

    Yep the next purchase
  10. First post , first Jeep

    Hi, bought from Palmers in Hemel. Dealt with Lee the sales manager, very helpful. He suggested the bumper when I mentioned it and they fit it to most of wranglers inc the demos. £690 fitted I think , by them, so picked it up as pic. They bag up the sensors and I ’might’ attempt to fit but don’t...
  11. First post , first Jeep

    Hi, new UK member just collected my first Jeep . Having had Defenders (90 and 110) it’s nice to have a change. Impressed so far and looking forward to starting the modifications though dealer fitted the RR Spartan front bumper before collection as I really didn’t like the std one.