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  1. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    Okay, my Jeep was fixed and I drove around 600km in total (100km on snowy, slippery roads). All seem to be good so far... i still belive Jeep is responsible and have to reimburse for my towing expenses... FCA Canada employee said - "it was your choice to go off-road with our vehicle" ....WTF...
  2. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    What are those star cases #? Where to see them online?
  3. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    That's what probably caused loss of P/S in my case...
  4. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    Happy Birthday Mnsparreno! it's a very scary shit when you loose P/S on any road and especially on a highway at high speed! I don't know if I want to keep my vehicle anymore. My wife said she will never sat in it anymore. :(
  5. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    Please see above. I'm in Canada. I called a few times FCA Canada, but they have rejected to compensate any expenses I paid to dealerships and towing company ($1500 CAD up to date)
  6. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    I sent this link - to my dealership and after some time got this email: >>We did follow the star case and did find some wires that rubbed through. It has been repaired. We did drive it a bit...
  7. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    I experienced this issue - nearly died once on a logging road, towed to dealship #1, got some fixes and asuurance that vehicle is fine, went home and nearly died on highway due to the most terrible "death wobble" ever. Went to another dealership told them the whole story, got some fixes and...
  8. Stock rim size - Rubicon & Sport S

    Will stock 2018 JLUR rims work with 37X12.50R17LT tires - like this one - I have 3.5" lift - so lot of clearance. thx!
  9. Drawing power from OBD port while Jeep is parked and locked?

    I've tried to draw power from OBD2 port for some in-car security devices (parking mode dashcam, motion detector - we had break-ins in our garage) while my Jeep is parked and locked, but found that power is removed from OBD port ~4min after locking doors. Power is restored when you unlock it and...
  10. How your JLUR runs after migrating from 33" to 37"?

    Awesome answers, thank you guys!
  11. How your JLUR runs after migrating from 33" to 37"?

    Re-gear newbie questions: Recently added 3" ARB Old Man Emu lift - next stop is 37" tires...:) Do you like how's your JLUR running on highway after tires swap? Did you feel any torque/speed loss and more gearbox noise after the swap? Are you considering (or already done) re-gearing you JLUR...
  12. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    I've made my own from a metal shoe rack and black painted furniture hinge. Painted all parts black and screwed to tailgate's plastic with S/S screws. Added DIY magnetic latch and nylon coated steel cables from old laptop lock. Looks great, works great, cost like $20USD max.
  13. What I found in my Jeep Wrangler...

    #1 is a cowboy hat holder! :) #2 tailgate beer stand #3 Caught my Jeep when it was cooling down after a space travel...
  14. Coldwater pressure washing after trails?

    They called limb risers - many our trails here in Canada BC are very bushy. These cables prevents your A-pillar and windshield from being smashed by limbs and branches, etc... I made mine from marine supplies store parts - here is my post -...
  15. AM/FM to CB/AM/FM antenna swap?

    I found some off-roading dudes with a radio today and finally tested my radio! It turned out this CB splitter thing works fine with JL's stock antenna. Next time I will try CB communication with the replacement CB antenna (see the thread's top) and decide which one works better for CB comms. I...
  16. Winter Tires | What to get?

    I live in Canada, B.C. and plan to do some winter off-roading too. In winters we have lots of snow in mountains around here .. What will be the best winter tires specifically made for off-road use? I'm also using my Rubicon in the city too, but that's not an issue I guess. :)
  17. AM/FM to CB/AM/FM antenna swap?

    Crap... I should've find this set before I started my CB project :D 1) I've spliced the JL's antenna cable and soldered it myself. The AM/FM is working great, but not yet heard any sound from my CB radio. Not a single channel. I guess my CB/AM/FM splitter is broken or needs to be adjusted...
  18. Running in 4 Hi in the rain

    Some nice video about how Jeep 4x4 modes works
  19. Coldwater pressure washing after trails?

    yeah.. I got a similar foam cannon together with my Bosh pressure washer too - mine has a smaller bottle but that's OK for one Jeep. Now trying to find a detergent which works is the best with cold water :D
  20. Coldwater pressure washing after trails?

    Does't really work well... I have no hot water tap at the rinse station in my building. Normal coldwater pressure washing leaves white mud/dust streams and stains when car dries. (mine is black JL )... Pressure washer I use is good - Bosh 1600 psi. Is there any powerful detergent for cold power...