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  1. Steering damper, steering box, and track bars.

    I have done as much as I possibly can I have to wait until next week to see what the next step is going to be. Jeep kicked it out of litagation last week and want to try to fix it again. But they only change the steering damper. That’s all I hear and it hasn’t worked so far. I guess I’m hope...
  2. Steering damper, steering box, and track bars.

    I have but Jeep won’t work with me jeep wants to put another steering damper in.
  3. Steering damper, steering box, and track bars.

    I ordered my dream Jeep in June last year. I picked it up on August 26 2018. On October 10th brought it to the dealership cuz it has death wobble. They put new track bars and checked the whole front axle. Then it sat there for 35 days waiting to be fixed. they took a steering damper off a Jeep...
  4. Steering damper recall and death wobble

    Well now my Jeep has been sitting at the dealership for almost 3 months this time. Last time it sat there for 32 days and the time before that it sat for 35. I have been dealing with this for about one year and all I hear is put a new steering damper in. We have put 2 mopar dampers and 2 falcon...
  5. Steering wheel wobble?

    Stopped by the dealership today and showed them the teraflex adjustable steering damper and told them I’m willing to go half’s on that with them to get my Jeep back. Hopefully we can work something out soon. It really sux to be paying 808 dollars a month and not being able to drive my new rubicon.
  6. Steering wheel wobble?

    Not sure I think it might be that the lift changes the angles of a few things and that causes the problem. I’ll have them take it out this week and see if it gets better. If they are willing to try that option. I’m sure they will.
  7. 2” Mopar lift

    I’m kinda bummed out that I pay and get this kick ass lift but it is completely useless cuz they don’t extend the brake lines or abs wiring. So it’s a great kit if you don’t ever plan on hitting the sway bar disconnect button. And keep your Jeep on the pavement.
  8. Steering wheel wobble?

    So the parts were sent next day air and have been installed. All new track bars up front and tie rod ends. They took it out and said it’s much better but still has death wobble. We are in a holding pattern for now the dealer is asking Mopar what to try next. I think I might see if they want to...
  9. Steering wheel wobble?

    Yes they did a test drive and came back with a look of horror on his face so I’m sure he experienced it. The dealership is Sonju near Two Harbors Mn. I’m very happy the way they take care of me there.
  10. Steering wheel wobble?

    It’s at the dealership now, they said it’s unsafe to drive. I have to wait upto 32 days for parts to come in. Jeep will make 1 monthly payment for each month I can’t drive it. They have been great to work with. It’s unfortunate but they will get all the problems sorted out I’m sure. The people...
  11. Steering wheel wobble?

    I brought my 2018 rubicon unlimited in yesterday and they said it’s unsafe to drive with death wabbel. It has 6000 on the odometer. They told me it was worn tie rods and track bars. I had the dealer install the 2” Mopar lift at 2000 miles. Still on stock tires and wheels. Now they say it will be...