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  1. PSI for those running BFG KM3 37 x12.5 x 17 ?

    I am currently running 30psi on my 37” KM3’s. It’s a hair too high. Going to drop to 28psi.
  2. 4.88 or 5.13?

    Go with the 5.13. You won’t be disappointed. There really is only a 5% difference between the two. Your 8th gear is super tall and you won’t feel high strung at all on the freeway. I ended up installing 5.38’s and I’m currently running 37” BFG’s.
  3. How much or what level of off-roading does it make sense to go Rubi over Sahara?

    I have a Rubicon, however if i could design my personal Jeep it wouldn’t have lockers. I’d have everything about the Rubicon such as the 4/1 transfer and HD axles except for the lockers. Instead my preference would be for high bias limited slip differentials front and rear. The lockers are...
  4. 17x8.5 -6 w/35x12.5 Stock Rubicon fit fine?

    Should fit just fine. I’m running 17x8 with a +12 offset.
  5. Mopar 2" lift kit for 2019 JL 4-door 3.6L
  6. Mopar 2" lift kit for 2019 JL 4-door 3.6L

    They all have Fox Shocks. Not sure why the new PN# would add the -fs ?!? As far as I know the only changes have been the lower isolater. Absolutely do the RK isolators and problem solved.
  7. Mopar 2" lift kit for 2019 JL 4-door 3.6L

    I literally just walked in the door after installing the RockKrawler spring perches and Rough Country adjustable front and rear tack bars to my Mopar Lifted JL. I’ve had the RockKrawler perches on my shelf for a year and just haven’t gotten around to it. Finally made it and the track bars a...
  8. Rough Country Front JL FORGED adj trackbar

    Yep! I just received mine yesterday and it is STOUT! Highly recommended. Will be installing both F/R RC track bars today. EDITED: Just got done installing the F/R track bars. It wasn’t too bad of an install at all. Super easy to adjust and get the axles centered perfectly. No dropping one...
  9. Tire pressure advice

    I use my driveway and roll back and forth a few times, but any good smooth section of concrete will do it. You don’t need to drive a long distance in order to see how the chalk is wearing off.
  10. Tire pressure advice

    I ran my 33’s at the recommended pressure of 37psi. I lowered my 35’s down to 30. I’m putting 37’s on in a few days and will likely run 28psi or so depending on how even the “chalk test” wear pattern shows. Your tires should measure out 33.7 or so based on the tire calculator. Given that...
  11. Will the JL ever get the JT front facing camera from the factory

    A dash cam is typically too high when you are climbing slick rocks or cresting a hill. It’s tough to see over the front of the hood. A grill mounted camera really helps. Or in my case the camera is mounted below the bumper.
  12. Will the JL ever get the JT front facing camera from the factory

    I didn’t do a write up, but it wasn’t too hard. Worst part was pulling the dash in order to insert the RCA connector into the back of the display cable. Yes, for operation I choose CARGO CAM and then hit AUX4. I connected the power to my AUX4 lead under the hood and simply ran the RCA through...
  13. Tire pressure advice

    Way too high. At most they should be 37 as is recommended by Jeep, or slightly lower based on the slightly larger size. That must ride like a tank at 50psi.
  14. Thanks - Our new Rubicon with Tire Delete and New Shoes

    Roadside assistance is worthless when you are using you JL for its intended use.
  15. Will the JL ever get the JT front facing camera from the factory

    This is the one that I bought. I drilled one small hole in the bottom side of my front bumper. I do like the ZAutomotive upper grill mount better, but for $30 it was worth a try. Been working great. I wired the power lead up to AUX4 of my switch cluster and so it isn’t running unless I need...
  16. Will the JL ever get the JT front facing camera from the factory I didn’t use this exact camera, but I did use their pigtail to add a front camera to my JLR. Works great.
  17. Am I crazy to go 5.13 gears with JLUR manual on 35s?

    I’m running 5.38’s with an auto on 35” tires. I’d do it again ten times over. Moving to 37’s next tire change.
  18. New Axle???

    Update New axle is in but I hadn’t yet taken the JL to the dealer. The dealer said that even though the non-serviceable axle sensor was bad, the axle was still fine and worked, it just didn’t report to the ECM correctly. Went wheeling over the weekend and at one point I locked in the rear...
  19. New Axle???