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  1. Highest mileage JL so far?

    Early 2018 JLUR 3.6/auto 43k miles minor issues: 2 steering stabilizer replacements Rear defroster—glass replacement Computer flash for steering boost loss in cold weather Computer flash for surging idle Battery Replacement. just replaced the original tires with another set of KO2 DT’s
  2. Crashed JLUR needs new frame (backordered until at least March)

    The labor to separate the body, pull the drive train and axles, re- install everything plus fix the body damage would be horrendous. Are you sure they are not changing a section of the frame rail? If it’s fixed, you are entitled to diminished value. There are independent certified insurance...
  3. Whacked out Temps!! From 194 to 260 back to 201??

    If you turn on the A/C do you hear the cooing fans running?
  4. 2021 Wrangler updates/changes

    How about a long wheelbase wrangler using the Gladiator frame. A steel raised roof model that would rival a Defender 120 in the World Market, and open a new niche in the US?
  5. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    The stock stabilizer will not make it pull to one side or the other. Depending on wind and road conditions you may see your steering wheel cocked to the left or right while driving straight. If you have a true pull, check your tire pressure to make sure that one of the fronts is not low and have...
  6. Death Wobble Started

    The cold weather steering issue is not related to the steering stabilizer. It is a loss of steering assist from the electric power steering. There is a TSB that was issued in 2018 and a software flash to correct the issue.
  7. Death Wobble Started

    Is your Jeep stock? mid so, it is the steering stabilizer. There were 2 replacements for the 18. version AE is the latest. You didn’t have true Death Wobble, you had steering oscillation. Once the stabilizer is replaced, tell your wife all will be fine. I am a long time Jeeper. My ‘18...
  8. What warranty work have you needed?

    Take it to another dealer. The TSB for the power steering has been out for at least a year and is documented in this forum. The surging idle is not specific to Jeep. It is common in the 3.6 and is an in and out fix.
  9. What warranty work have you needed?

    2018 JLUR now with 41K miles: 2 steering stabilizers replaced under warranty/tsb recall. Rear Window replaced for defroster defect. TSB computer flash for loss of power steering boost in cold weather. TSB computer flash for surging idle. ESS battery replaced. no complaints as I new this was...
  10. Missed Something or scarring off?

    You can buy a new 2020 Rubicon for 50K. keep Shopping!
  11. My 2018 JL sports brakes and steering failed today(AGAIN) causing a crash

    Even if the engine stalled there would still be residual power braking on the initial pedal input. the onboard computer is constantly storing data. If you feel the engine died, there is a data trail to back you up. Just a word of caution—if you want to pursue a legal case, understand that the...
  12. My 2018 JL sports brakes and steering failed today(AGAIN) causing a crash

    Brake Failure and Steering failure have nothing in common. Sorry, you can loose steering assist but can still steer. You can lose a brake booster but still stop. This is true of all modern vehicles. There is no way you lost the ability to brake and steer, it is not possible.
  13. 19 stock rubicon wheels and tires for sale houston

    Send me a pm with your contact info. If the tread looks good for 2 k miles I’ll buy them Thanks.
  14. 4H/4L not engaging, traction control not working

    Did the indicator light come on showing you were engaged in 4 hi or 4 low? My shifter was so tight when new I had a hard time engaging 4 hi and it jumped out of low because it wasn’t fully engaged. it’s fine after using it a couple of times.
  15. I need a CARFAX report

    Take it over to Car Max and get an appraisal for free. They will run a Carfax for free as part of the appraisal process.
  16. AE steering box... how did you guys convince the dealer?

    Not trying to be dis-respectful but the 2 inches of play—is this with the engine running or off? Play in the steering box would not mean the vehicle won’t track straight. Play means the amount of free turn left or right before steering input is realized. You have an Electric Power steering...
  17. 19 stock rubicon wheels and tires for sale houston

    jeep 4 fun, I am interested in the tires for 400. can you post a picture?
  18. '06 100-series to '20 JLUR

    I would suggest that you rent a wrangler and drive it for a week and see how you like it. Hertz has some in their fleet and Avis has added JT Gladiators to theirs. The Jeep will not be as refined as the Lexus/Land Cruiser. I switched from BMW’s to Wrangler’s 9 years ago. It was easy for me...
  19. TSB 08-037-19 REV. B Rear Window Defroster Inoperable, Wire Hanging From The Back Glass

    I replied to your earlier Thread. Go see Ryan at Helfman at I-10 and Silber. He has been the best service advisor that I have ever worked with. I sent him the suggested Mopar epoxy repair for the defroster but he replaced the entire back window instead.