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  1. Mopar Maximum Care Extended Warranty

    I have 28k on my 2018 2.0L Turbo with no issues, but am still glade I got the Lifetime MaxCare warranty ($3k) before they discontinued it!
  2. Texas Epic summer trip

    Nope, but the Road to the Sun was great
  3. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    24k miles and 20.2 mpg average. 2018 Rubicon stock on 93 octane. Low was 8.12 mpg during a Jeep Jamboree (4 low)
  4. Texas Epic summer trip

    Having a stock Rubicon, I did many go arounds and did not officially complet it. No pics because I was by myself. (Another reason for my caution...
  5. Texas Epic summer trip

    After 10 weeks, 13 National Parks & Monuments, 11,000 miles (1/2 towed behind our Motorhome) we culminated our epic retirement trip in Moab and Ouray! The turbo 4 loves 12k+ feet and never skipped a beat! (21k miles in 12 months)
  6. 2019 Wrangler Initial Quality

    With the light switch in Auto the dash will dim to night mode (sensor is the little black dome). If it stays cloudy, just roll the dash dimmer past the detent for full bright or turn off the Auto switch. Glad you're enjoying the 2 door. I have 21k on my 2d Rubicon with 11 Jeep Badge of Honor...
  7. Flat-tow Set-up

    That's true, but we do have a house sitter, security, and it's a gated community. Edited map...
  8. LED Headlights (OEM)

    JL LED's are definitely worth every penny! I thought my wife's BMW had the best HID system until I drove mine at night (I do like her self leveling and steerable capabilities). I would suggest putting Lamix protective film on to protect against cracks...
  9. Flat-tow Set-up

    July 1st we take off for a 3 month 7k mile tour of America visiting 13 National Parks. Love my Rock Hard Steel Patriot bumper!
  10. 2019 Wrangler Initial Quality

    Red dust everywhere inside!
  11. 2019 Wrangler Initial Quality

    2018 2L Rubicon 14k miles and only a drivers seat that would not fold back (happened at the dealer and took a 2 weeks to fix). Have done some extreme off-roading including Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree. no problems keeping up with "built" jeeps!
  12. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    I paid $3K Nov. 24th to Tom Winkels, knowing it was ending. Got all the FCA paperwork in the mail 2 weeks later.
  13. First video surfaces of the JL that ran over a woman at EJS

    Help her out with her Go Fund Me page. Feels good to help out a fellow Keeper!
  14. Performance Upgrages-Madness Autoworks

    As far as factory warranties are concerned, any warranty can be voided IF you post on open social media that you have modified a vehicle beyond factory recommendations! They can and do look if there is a catastrophic failure. Be careful if and where you post!!!
  15. Towing with 2.0L

    I'll be towing a pop-up camper (~1500 lbs) next week to Jeep Jamboree Palo Duro with my 2-door (2k limit). I'll post my impressions...
  16. WTB: Premium JLU Soft Top - Texas area

    My invoice was 3/12/2019 with no tax... That would be a real bummer. Did you call them to verify?
  17. WTB: Premium JLU Soft Top - Texas area

    Quadratec matches all these prices with no tax (tex) and free shipping!
  18. WTB: Premium JLU Soft Top - Texas area

    I just bought the Premium Soft Top from Quadratec with their price match for $1700. Search the web for the lowest price and they will match it... And no Tax or shipping to Buda!
  19. Soft top Sunrider position

    Like others have said, the soft top window bag is definitely worth $75! Takes an extra minute to pack them, but they will not get scratched. Be sure they are relatively clean though...