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  1. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    I am getting 21.5 ish with the 2.0 and stock. I drive almost exclusively in town. Light foot, keep the fuel economy screen on and watch it, when driving at about 45-50 Mph, I noticed if I let off the gas slightly and hit it again lighter, the MPG skyrockets To like 32-35 and stays there. Around...
  2. Jeep announces that 2018's will NOT get the Off-Road pages

    Any reason why the coordinates and altitude doesn’t work on my 2018 Sahara? Everything else is correct.
  3. Need help on 2018 Sahara lease

    I am about to agree to a 48 month, 12k/year miles, $444 inc. taxes per month on an 18 Sahara. MSRP at $44985, marked down to $40,500. Not sure of residual yet, which is a problem. I don’t like the unknown. I feel like on 48 month it should be lower payment.
  4. Bikini Not Happening?

    The order sheets in prior months listed it but as late availability, but it’s gone this month, is that a normal thing? If Canada has it on the configurator, does that mean it’s able to be ordered there? (On a side note: Wow, Canada is weird eh? Different prices for colors, no unlimited sport...
  5. Bikini Not Happening?

    That's fine, as we have other cars as options, but we don't want to wait if they're not going to make it at all.
  6. Bikini Not Happening?

    I don't see it at all on the website, that's so weird. Just in the brochure that is posted. I am confused as to why they would have listed it on the order sheets last month and the month before, but removed it entirely now. It's like how they took away detonator yellow because of a...
  7. Bikini Not Happening?

    Is bikini not going to happen anymore? I noticed it's not on the order form this month, and my wife is about to have a stroke, as we have to turn in our leased renegade in a week, and she isn't going to wait to order one if it's not gonna happen. She will have to be stuck in a sea of boring...
  8. 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door JLU ORDER GUIDE and PRICING (U.S.)

    So is Bikini not going to happen now? I noticed it said "late availability" before, now it's not listed at all.