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  1. All Weather Cover

    Anybody use one for their Jeep? Specifically during heavy snow. Curious what. if any, negatives there are
  2. Windshield Cover for Snow

    Thanks. I have one of those from my old Cherokee but didnt think it would work
  3. Windshield Cover for Snow

    Anyone have a good one? I checked Amazon but didnt see any specifically for the Wranglers skinny windshield.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I used them when I installed the remote starter
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Can't wait to get back!
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Does the third pic show the required wiring harness? They came with the speakers?
  7. New Wheel/Stock Tire Question

    Pretty sure I have the same tire and I see that same width max online. I have no clue. The Q&A section for the wheels says the tires will fit on an 8.5 width wheel
  8. New Wheel/Stock Tire Question

    Awesome. Thanks!
  9. New Wheel/Stock Tire Question

    Brand? Not sure off the top of my head. 245/75R17. Whatever comes standard. I'll have to look after work
  10. New Wheel/Stock Tire Question

    I'm looking to upgrade the wheels on my 2018 JLU Sport BUT keep the original tires. The current tires are 245/75R17 and the place I was searching for new wheels from sent a calculator that said with these tire I could only use 17x8 wheels. I haven't found any 17x8's that I like. Saw plenty...
  11. Doors in the back

    What brand of seat covers are those? I need a set with some green in them
  12. Upgrading to 8 inch Uconnect from 5 inch

    Also, if you deiced to go this route you can get it for 10% off if you are military (active or former). Or if you add it to your cart and leave it for a few days they will email you. I replied that I was trying to decide if the high price was worth it and they knocked 5 or 10% off. Cant...
  13. Upgrading to 8 inch Uconnect from 5 inch

    I think it was worth it. Having the Apple CarPlay and the navigation is worth it to me. I ordered it through
  14. Upgrading to 8 inch Uconnect from 5 inch

    I upgraded to the 7 inch and it was simple. Im not a mechanic by any stretch but I did it just by watching YouTube videos.
  15. Soft Top Question

    Thanks. I found one on Facebook Marketplace last week. Installed yesterday
  16. Soft Top Question

    That’s what I thought. Thanks!
  17. Soft Top Question

    Are the tops the same for Sport/Sahara/Rubicon? I found one locally but the listing says for Rubicon. Everything I’ve found online doesn’t specify a model
  18. Soft Top Question

    I think the only Bestop I saw that was fully retract Thanks! Any idea on price for the Trektop Ultra?
  19. Hawaii Mopar Soft Top Premium Twill Fabric for 4 Door Wrangler JL (Black)

    Any idea how much the shipping would be from Hawaii?