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  1. Rubicon WTB Rubicon Wheels (Delmarva)

    I just posted 5 for sale.

    JL Rubicon 5 wheels, tires, sensors. Mounted and balanced. 1k miles. Located in Northern Va. $1,100.
  3. Backup Camera Bezel + Aftermarket Wheels

    I have El Cajons on order and didn’t know that. What size and offset are yours?
  4. Rear power windows not working

    Took delivery today of my JLUR and noticed when I got home neither of the rear power windows are working via the rear switches. They both work with the center stack switches and I made sure the lock on/off switch was in the proper position. Dealer and I made sure all fuses were seated properly...
  5. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    I’m down the road in Ashburn and ordered mine 7/19 from Darcars in Silver Spring. Been stuck in “I” status for 3 weeks. Dealer can’t explain why so he escalated to regional FCA rep.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Like your side rails/steps. Brand?
  7. What JL/JLU Wrangler Have You Ordered? Post and Vote Your Configuration Here!

    Thanks...they gave me a delivery date of 7/27 which is not accurate but more than likely a date generated by their system. Probably looking at mid-August.
  8. D1 in July

    7/19-Ordered JLUR right before deadline for 2018. LED pkg noted as "Constrained" 7/23-Confirmed D1 status with VIN#. Seems quick but anything can happen... UPDATE. Dealer confirmed an estimated 7/27 ship date! 8 days from order! Dealer in MD, so ship from OH shouldn't be a long delivery.
  9. What JL/JLU Wrangler Have You Ordered? Post and Vote Your Configuration Here!

    Ordered JLUR on 7/19 and got my VIN today and D1 status...does this seem unusually quick? What should I anticipate for a ship date to Virginia?
  10. 2018 JL Order Banks Close 7/19 (Some Trims Already Closed)

    Ordered my Rubicon JLU today but dealer was not aware of orders closing. He did confirm that LED pkg was limited to sold orders for priority over normal dealer stock allocations.